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Falling Skies recap: The Trojan Skitter

Tom and the team finally go after Ben, and Anne demonstrates the proper use of a scalpel


Skitter's Anatomy Margaret and Tom stalk the hospital looking for signs of Hal and use the aliens' great weakness against them. (Hint: They hate getting stabbed in the face.)

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Falling Skies

Season 1, Ep. 4 | Aired Jul 10

It has been quite the week for Falling Skies. On Thursday, word came through that TNT has ordered a second season of their sci-fi hit, and tonight, after last Sunday’s mediocre episode and a slight slip in ratings, Falling Skies comes back with a much more exciting hour.

In light of the events of tonight’s episode, I feel a need to address some comments I made in last week’s recap about Steven Weber’s character, Dr. Harris. I expressed disappointment that he wasn’t punched in the face again. My remarks were poorly thought out, and I took Dr. Harris’ face and its punchability for granted. I’ve learned my lesson.

This week’s episode, enticingly entitled “Silent Kill,” gets things moving quickly. Margaret and Hal arrive back at the school, lots ‘o drugs in tow. These are the drugs they’ll need for the surgeries to remove harnesses from the captive kids. Anne and Tom discuss the prospects for the surgery and Ben’s chances of survival. Tom reassures her that the procedure worked last week on Rick. Really? That worked? He voluntarily put the harness back on, tried to free the skitter and had the harness ripped of his back by his father’s bare hands. Worked like a charm, Tom.

Nevertheless, Tom shares his plan with Weaver to rescue Ben and as many kids as he can from the hospital. Weaver thinks he’s oversimplifying with his guns a’ blazing approach. Tom and Hal look for a quieter strategy for the operation, so they pull out a couple badass crossbows, something every television series worth its salt should have. “You guys belong at Medieval Times,” Margaret observes. As she shows Hal how to fire a crossbow (where did she learn to fire a friggin’ crossbow?), there is a generous amount of sexual tension.

NEXT: Hey! Watch it where you stick that crossbow.