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April 25, 2016 AT 12:46 AM EDT

Fear the Walking Dead

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Strand’s plans for the Abigail come into focus in tonight’s episode when Strand is cornered into revealing the truth of his plans to Madison while the boat remains idle for a day. But those revelations come with some stipulations that will continue to push Madison into situations and difficult choices that might otherwise go against what she believes is right.

Such is the case during “Ouroboros.” The Abigail finds itself temporarily stranded despite the possible threat of the boat’s mystery pursuers because something is blocking the water intake used to cool the engine. Someone will have to go underneath the boat — Travis is the one to risk his life to check the situation out. Diving beneath the Abigail in full scuba gear, he finds the body of a man underwater, a body familiar from the episode’s cold open, which features characters from the “Flight 462” miniseries. (More on those characters in a bit.)

Travis returns to the boat to check the filtration system, which is backed up with sludge all the way through the pipes. The body, the sludge, and anything else blocking the way will have to be removed, Travis explains, which could take all day. Strand wants it fixed now, treating Travis more like the help and less like a fellow crewmember. He callously voices how he realizes Travis feels demeaned by Strand’s words, so he quickly compliments the man with hollow words until he agrees to work on the boat as quickly as possible.

But the rest of the crew isn’t just going to sit around while Travis tinkers with the boat. The others notice wreckage on a nearby beach. Luggage, possibly with supplies, is scattered across the sands, and the kids want to go investigate to bring back whatever they can. Madison and Travis are both displeased with the idea, though Alicia, Nick, and Chris don’t seem to want to argue. To avoid any major disagreements, however, Salazar offers to go with them and keep an eye on them.

Before he goes, he tells Madison of what he learned from snooping around Strand’s secret lockbox. After making a passing comment about being warmer in Mexico, he tells her of Strand’s maps with a location in Baja as a key point of interest. (And though Salazar is forthcoming with this information, he still has his boundaries to consider. At the end of the day, he and Ofelia are not part of Madison and Travis’ family, so when his daughter suggests asking the others for stronger meds for her injury, he refuses to let her. He wants this kept as a family matter so that they may look out for one another and never have to rely on others who may eventually choose their own family above Salazar’s.

Salazar does his best to appear as one of the group in public, though, by going with the kids as they survey a scene that feels as if the Fear the Walking Dead cast stumbled onto the set of the Lost pilot hours after everybody left the scene. The group, under Salazar’s watch, goes through the luggage to find anything of use — clothes, medicine, even a Rosary.

They all spend their time that way except for Chris, who goes off on his own to investigate the destruction. He makes his way to a piece of of the plane’s main cabin where the telltale signs of a few undead lure him. He knocks a walker over the head to quiet it (though it being pinned under some of the seats hardly made it a threat), only to discover a man still alive begging for help. He helps the guy out of his seat, only to drop him onto the ground as the man writhes in pain. 

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