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June 21, 2016 AT 05:30 PM EDT

With Thirio only two weeks away from opening, things are getting heated in the soon-to-be restaurant in the Bronx. Kevin is rubbing everyone the wrong way; Dion can’t stop whining about losing his job as the head chef; Tommy is too chicken to stand up to his father; and the icing on the cake is that the presence of the Tooth Fairy lingers over everything. That’s a recipe for disaster if I’ve ever heard one.

“Secret Sauce” begins with the biggest problem, according to Dion: Kevin, the head chef hired by Aidan Moran. Everyone’s on the rooftop complaining about him when he suddenly shows up and tells everyone to get back to work. He even says “playtime’s over” because he’s a cheesy ’50s comic book villain in a chef’s smock. Anyway, while Tommy is trying to play nice, even as Kevin wants to make changes to the wine list, Dion is sick of the whole arrangement and wants to enact change.

Meanwhile, the Tooth Fairy’s dad somehow didn’t die in that prison shanking incident — despite being stabbed 19 times! — so he’s in the hospital for now, though things are looking grim. When the doctor says she can’t guarantee any sort of outcome both good or bad, the Tooth Fairy sends a quick text. The doctor’s phone rings and it’s her son, the Tooth Fairy intimidating her by showing just what he’s capable of: getting good cell reception in a prison hospital. I’m joking, he seems way more dangerous than that.

Back at Thirio, Dion and Tommy continue to butt heads with Kevin. First, the new head chef wants to install heat lamps to keep the plates warm, which completely goes against Rie’s design. That sends Tommy into a fit, as he lays down the law and says no. Worse than that is the fact that Kevin has a plastic tub full of marinade that he calls his “secret sauce,” which sends Dion into a rage. “McDonalds has a secret sauce!” he screams to Tommy, but there’s nothing they can do. They signed the contract.

It probably doesn’t help Dion’s disposition that the Tooth Fairy is demanding he get paid $6,000 for one reason or another. Dion says that wasn’t the deal, but the Tooth Fairy informs him that the deal is whatever the hell he wants it to be. So, we’re left with the same old episode structure: Dion must find a way to pay the Tooth Fairy without letting Tommy know about what’s really going on while all sorts of coincidences pile up, leading to a resolution that keeps everyone happy for a brief time.

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The contrivances start when Pilar once again goes to her sister for advice about running a restaurant — this time it’s a question about health inspections. As Pilar is peppering her with questions and distracting her while she’s trying to work, her sister takes a fall and smacks her head on the floor. She insists she’s all good and Pilar heads back to Thirio, but we all know better. That head bump will pay off later.

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