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July 12, 2016 AT 09:04 PM EDT

So, as it turns out, having a gang war take off outside of your newly opened restaurant isn’t exactly good for business. While the soft open of Thirio went well, the Tooth Fairy’s machine-gun-led actions kind of put a damper on Thirio’s prospects. There’s nobody in the restaurant, and the kitchen staff is throwing out good food. Plus, Tommy has a few things on his mind involving Rie and Dion, meaning that the tension is even worse.

Tommy can’t take it any more though, so he just straight up asks Dion, in front of his whole crew of cooks, if he slept with Rie. He tells him about the videos he found on her computer, and how it looked like it was more than just cooking. Dion is furious that Tommy could even think he’d do such a thing. He adamantly denies it, forcing Tommy to apologize for being so paranoid and frantic.

With that out of the way the two best friends need to come up with a way to drum up publicity for Thirio. Pilar has some ideas, but, as usual, nobody’s really a fan of them. That’s when Tommy has his own idea. He wants Dante DiPaolo, a famed food critic, to review the restaurant. The problem? He knows Dion, and the two had some sort of falling out years ago.

So, Dion doesn’t want to go grovel for a review, but as Tommy points out, he had to do the same with his father to get funding, so now it’s Dion’s turn. Getting a review won’t be so easy though. When Dion and Tommy visit Dante during lunch, Dante rips into Dion, exposing a past of working together before Dion stole a number of his recipes. Dante walks away from the impromptu meeting with seemingly no interest in heading to Thirio.

At the same time the Tooth Fairy is looking to collect the drugs he had Dion store away for safekeeping. When he sets a meeting place Dion shows up with a duffel bag, but he comes clean: He doesn’t have all the coke because he sold some of it in order to keep paying off his debt. For one reason or another, the Tooth Fairy doesn’t punish Dion for this, but rather presents him with a business opportunity.

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The Tooth Fairy shows Dion a patch of land near Manhattan that looks out over the water and the New York City skyline. He tells Dion that he wants him to create a restaurant right here, to abandon the Thirio experiment and get in on something real. He says that together they could rake in the dough, and that would buy Dion his freedom. With Thirio heading in the wrong direction, it may not be a bad option. Plus, Aidan’s still struggling with money, and his accountant is recommending he kill the money-wasting venture that is Thirio.

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