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July 03, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

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Frenchie leads the first group of semifinalists

Paging Frenchie. I didn’t realize how much better she was than the other contestants until I watched Tuesday night’s show. There wasn’t one of the eight that competed in this first finalist round who even came close to the Ryan Starrs and Christina Christians of last year.

Kimberly did a perfectly decent ”Come to My Window,” and Trenyce (”New name” as Randy said) has a decent voice. Charles’ ”Ribbon in the Sky” was pretty, but what was up with that all-denim ensemble? He looked like he raided Will Smith’s wardrobe closet circa ”Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

Simon attacked Patrick’s outfit and let the denim disaster slide? JD is a major hottie, but I almost had to plug my ears while he was missing those notes. Meosha should never have made it this far. Bettis? Disaster area. And Julia DaMato’s face registers so much pain when she’s singing that I thought she was having root canal flashbacks.

And can someone please raid these contestants’ CD collections? What was up with some of those song choices? How about hearing some creative selections? Perhaps a Norah Jones song or maybe a slow Eric Clapton number? Or some other Stevie songs we haven’t heard 10 million times already? Hell, at this point I’d settle for a Christina Aguilera tune as long as it was on key.

What did you think of the first eight contestants?

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