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March 26, 2012 AT 07:19 AM EDT

Who knew that a little morbid death was exactly what this show needed? It may have taken four episodes, but the glitter has settled and GCB has finally realized what it is: a ridiculously funny, cleverly written portrait of some truly zany characters. Add a little dark comedy into the mix, and we’ve got a wholesome Texan hootenanny, y’all!

Before we get to the fatal beef rib, we must first start with the Pantsuit That Launched A Thousand Ships, or in this case, the pair of slacks that turned heads in church but ultimately landed Amanda a job with Cricket. After showing off her assets at Sunday mass, the ever-sartorially gifted Blake convinces Amanda to help him relaunch an old Caruth-Reilly Company brand of jeans, Westward, Ho! (Major kudos to the prop designers for equipping Blake with a wood-panel iPad cover.) Cricket’s feigned joy at working with Amanda is apparent, but she allows her to work at the company, keeping her “within spittin’ distance” from her office.

Because 10 minutes on television is an adequate reflection of months of R&D, Amanda comes up with a new concept for the jeans — and Cricket, miraculously, approves. Both Amanda and Blake are equally shocked by the oddly cheerful Cricket, but they go along with the good news, too. Blake, being the impatient businessman that he is, wants to get prototypes made that night. They need models with mounds, though, which leads Amanda to call in her first favor of the night: a co-worker named Topaz (really?), who assembles all the Booby-Licious girls (or B-girls, which I refuse to let catch on in future recaps) for a wild photo shoot of the jeans at the bar. Scandal erupts, though, when the photos leak thanks to an intrepid blogger named Lordlover87, who calls the attention of religious watchdog groups who seemingly have nothing better to do than complain (yep, that sounds about right). Leading retailer Armadillo Mart pulls out of the company, and all seems lost for the business.

Cricket, continuing her uncharacteristically easygoing behavior, is ready to eat the $25 million loss, but Amanda saves the day, twice! First, by calling billionaire Internet entrepreneur Andrew to track down the identity of Lordlover87 (because in some alternate reality, Andrew’s successful startup company has suddenly made him King of the Internet). And second, by redesigning the brand with the name “Westward Hosannah!”, which is apparently supposed to appease religious groups by brandishing a biblical quote on the seat of the jeans. Somehow, it works, but Cricket isn’t too pleased.

We quickly learn why when Andrew returns Amanda’s request with a phone number for the scandal-causing blogger, who turns out to be… Cricket! Raise your hand if you saw that one from a mile away. Wise Old Gigi explains to Amanda that poor Cricket’s marriage to Blake is based on a deep friendship, and even though Amanda’s relationship with Blake is harmless, she’s a threat to Cricket. Amanda, being the ever-so-reformed mean girl, decides to step away from the company, which clearly earned her some points with Cricket, who is gleefully satisfied until she discovers the night’s most valuable prop: Bitsy’s dead body!

NEXT: Bitsy bites the big one… no, but seriously, you guys, she chokes on a beef rib

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