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Cricket Caruth-Reilly. Dallas hotshot. Self-made woman. Owner of fitness centers, TV stations, hotels, clothing companies and restaurants. And now, add kick-ass funeral songstress to the list. If Cricket’s riff-laden rendition of “Amazing Grace” didn’t have you belly laughing in your boots, I encourage a second viewing, because even though Cricket took a backseat for the rest of the episode, Miriam Shor’s surprising showstopper was a hilarious kick-off to another hilarious episode of GCB — although where musical performances are concerned, my deepest loyalties will always lie with The Chenoweth.

Love was in the air in Dallas tonight for Amanda and Gigi, who both found themselves in equally offensive affairs. After Gigi’s romantic rival Bitsy kicked it last week in a nasty case of death by deliciousness, Mama Stopper was free to finally be with her man Burl, or so he thought. Ever alert to what makes a Dallas scandal, Gigi didn’t want the eyes of the community judging the pair for getting together so quickly after Bitsy bit it. And so began a sordid secret love affair, replete with dinners in the dark and costumed PDA (kudos to Gigi for bringing back some of that Little Red Riding Hood cosplay from Comic-Con 1697).

While Gigi and Burl’s relationship slowly unfolded, Amanda’s had all the subtlety of a highway pile-up, as an unwelcomed bee caused her to literally run into her new beau with her perfectly-detailed SUV. A few minutes of pixelation later (the guy had been driving commando, of course), Amanda had her first real love interest of the series—with Carlene’s younger brother Luke!

There was plenty of charm to go around between Amanda and Luke (played by Days of Our Lives grad Eric Winter, much to my mom’s excitement, I’m sure). The two playfully went to Booby-Licious for their first date, exuding more chemistry than blue cheese and buffalo wings. But wouldn’t you know it, the mirth can’t last forever. Enter Carlene.

After spotting Gigi and Burl doing some casual bush-whacking in the garden, Carlene mistakes the duo for Luke and Amanda and hurriedly calls the police. But even though she’s wrong, she uses the intel to her advantage, blackmailing Amanda into breaking it off with Luke lest she leak the news of Gigi and Burl’s romance to the entire city of Dallas. Wanting to see her good ol’ mama happy, Amanda takes the fall and buries her sadness in a tub of ice cream (while poor Luke didn’t even see the blindside coming, although he probably should have, since he seemed to be at least five times as wary about Carlene as Amanda has ever been). Nevertheless, Gigi whisks Amanda off to the big church fundraiser, even though she raises at least half an eyebrow to her daughter’s sudden disinterest in Texas’s most eligible bachelor.

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