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March 16, 2015 AT 08:28 PM EDT

The cast and writers of Glee celebrated a major milestone this episode, performing their 700th song in six seasons. Choosing the classic “What The World Needs Now Is Love” was the perfect selection for this moment. Since loving and showing support for others was the major theme of the night, it’s no surprise that Sue Sylvester was left out of the picture. Instead, we were treated to an unprecedented eight tunes from the legendary Burt Bacharach. For you kids out there, he’s the Taylor Swift of your grandparents’ generation. Cool, huh? 

Rachel and Sam kick us off with “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again.” Both feel bad about kind of liking the other, and equally bad about Mercedes potentially finding out. The only way they know how to cope is to lament through the halls of McKinley High and out into the courtyard. It’s important to note that high school kids today wear bright colors, short skirts, long knee socks, and carry sunflowers. 

While Sam and Rachel wonder if they will ever fall in love again, Brittany preps her mom and dad (the hilarious Jennifer Coolidge and equally talented Ken Jeong) for a big announcement—she’s getting married! Brittany’s parents are over the moon! P.S. Brit’s real father is Stephen Hawking! The mathematical genius part of her brain now makes sense. Her propensity to use crayon as her choice of writing instrument is still a mystery.  

Back at McKinley, Rachel’s secret weapon has just arrived. Mercedes drops everything to come and mentor New Directions during Burt Bacharach week. Mercedes’ other agenda is to mentor Rachel right back to Broadway and into the arms of a man, if there’s time. She even got her an audition in New York for a musical. Rachel isn’t ready to go back, so Mercedes inspires her with an old school ditty she’s put together in the auditorium. Even singing do-wop with Santana and Brittany doesn’t give Rachel the push she needs to fly the Lima coop. Mercedes is convinced Rachel will feel differently if they can make her homesick for New York. 

Brittany feels the same about Santana’s abuela. They haven’t spoken in three years because she doesn’t support with Santana’s sexual orientation. Brittany takes it upon herself to wiggle her way into Abuela Lopez’s life so she can win her over by nursing her diverticulitis, watching telenovelas, speaking flawless Spanish (is her dad also Antonio Banderas?), and inviting her to be a guest on Queso Por Dos

Over in the auditorium, Sam serenades Mercedes with a song that is a little too romantic for friends. She encourages Sam to date other people. And by other people, she means Rachel Berry. I’m personally not a fan of the Samchel, but I am curious about the Christian rock singer Mercedes met at the BET Awards. Raise your hand if you want to meet Tank? 

Mercedes leaves Sam and rushes to the choir room where Rachel is in full freak-out mode as she preps for her audition. The “Make Rachel Homesick for New York” plan worked! Rachel is a nervous wreck, but finds strength by riding a bus, taking the Broadway stage, and nailing her performance. 

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