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Oops…I think they did Brit again. They made us believe, tributes would come to an end. (Oh baby.)  Tribute episodes! The love-it-or-loathe-it Glee mainstay was once again upon us last night for “Britney 2.0,” a.k.a Brittany S. Pierce’s breakdown, a.k.a I assume a nice corporate tie-in for X Factor starring Britney Spears. Thursdays on Fox!

These types of episodes are typically enjoyed most if you just kind of buckle in for a wild ride and don’t worry too much about the plot (with double the usual amount of songs, they have a lot to cram in). In this case, the plot was Brittany’s total emotional breakdown. Feeling abandoned by a college-obsessed Santana, and also being kicked off the Cheerios because of her shockingly bad grades (F-), Brittany was feeling totally overwhelmed and all alone — NOT UNLIKE a certain troubled pop star circa 2007.  Noticing that Brittany was down in the dumps, Schuster decided to declare this week’s theme “Britney 2.0,” (Hey! That’s the title of this episode!) and told everyone they had to once again perform a Spears song. Convenient and mostly entertaining, the gang got to work covering some tracks that weren’t sung in the first round. Alas, no snakes this time.

It was all fun and games during “Boys,” but during a performance of “3,” Brittany hit a breaking point and went for the razor to shave her head. If she can’t wear a Cheerio high ponytail, she doesn’t want hair at all. The Glee kids stop her before she can go through with it, but she left the room and went full-crazy storming around school hitting the school’s paparazzo with an umbrella (Where were the milkshakes?) and causing a random student to scream, “LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE!” I have to give credit to the writers — they got a lot of small details (Chris Crocker, Cheetos, her 2007 VMA outfit) of the Ms. Spears legacy into the episode. Impressive.

But of course, Brittany couldn’t hit actual rock bottom until later in the hour. The newly still-kind-of-popular Glee club was invited to perform at a pep assembly, and Brittany wanted them to lip-sync their performance of “Gimme More” so that they could concentrate on dancing (No pop stars do that, right guys?). Anyway, the whole thing blew up in their face later in the episode, when Brittany walked around onstage, seemingly drugged and confused and a complete mess, not unlike a certain Video Music Awards performance, embarrassing herself and the club in front of the entirety of McKinley. End scene.

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