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January 20, 2016 AT 03:00 AM EST

This week’s episode of Grandfathered is all about Edie, and it’s almost too much cuteness to handle. Edie is spending the day with Jimmy so her parents can build her some furniture. Conflict, of course, arises when Gerald asks where Jimmy is taking Edie. After the predictable amount of complaining, Jimmy agrees to take Edie to a museum. Of course, they don’t actually go.

Instead, he takes her to a park and buys her a bunch of colored balloons, which he pretends will carry her away if he doesn’t hang on. At this exact adorable moment, a modeling scout happens upon their park bench. Jimmy assumes she’s here about him, but she’s really interested in Edie and gives her a business card. (Business cards are just as helpful to 2-year-olds as they are to anyone else, obviously.)

Jimmy goes home and tells Gerald that Edie loved the science museum — and then, after it becomes clear he knows nothing about said science museum, admits he never went and that a modeling scout discovered Edie. “It’s too bad modeling’s just such a wasteland of a career path,” says Gerald. Vanessa agrees. So does Sara.

“When did modeling become a negative? Edie is pretty, and they want to give her money for it,” Jimmy insists, but they’re still not having it. He leaves, thinking Grandpa Jimmy has been vetoed yet again.

But Vanessa follows Jimmy and stops him on his way out. She acts like they’re fighting but tells him she really wants Edie to model. They team up. With a little lying, Edie’s going to make it big.

Vanessa makes it clear that she’s glad Jimmy’s around — before him, no one would’ve stuck with her to support Edie’s modeling. They sit together, waiting for casting, and it’s clearly a tough environment. Jimmy dubs himself Edie’s agent and is trying to sell her as being too cool to care. Edie, meanwhile, rubs the product, Fuzzy Fruit, on a man’s face. No restraint, that one. And of course, she gets the job.

But now they have to tell Gerald — except, well, do they? He doesn’t read magazines because they’re bad for trees. Maybe Edie can have a secret career under her dad’s radar.

Meanwhile, at the restaurant, Ravi is trying to seduce Annelise on behalf of the new cook, Jess. He makes her a new drink — oysters in a glass. Annelise has no desire to mix work and pleasure, but Jess doesn’t have the same reservations. “I would feel like a tool if I didn’t at least try,” she tells her.

Annelise lays it out like the boss that she is. Work comes first, and she definitely doesn’t do drama. But at the end of her speech, she agrees to go out with Jess. Ravi attributes the success to his oysters, naturally.

Unfortunately for Jimmy, it becomes clear that Edie has adopted the “I don’t care” attitude at her modeling gig. She cries nonstop. But when Sara shows up, having found a flyer on the kitchen table, things look up. She rushes on set and picks Edie up — and then they ask her to be a mom in the shoot.

She’s flattered. Suddenly modeling isn’t too bad after all. She and Edie ham it up, and it looks like everything is going to work out with no issues.

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