GREY'S ANATOMY: Craig Sjodin
Tim Stack
January 15, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

”Grey’s Anatomy”: The bomb goes off

Can I get a round of applause for Shonda Rhimes? Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy may have been the best episode of the hospital drama ever, and its creator deserves at least some clapping, if not a heavy raise from ABC. If I didn’t have to write this TV Watch, I would be speechless. The episode was that good. And, as you all know, I’m not usually very kind.

The bomb threat from last week became a great device for bringing out depth in almost all of the characters, most notably Meredith. Let’s face it: Sticking her hand in a patient who had an explosive device in his body was probably the dumbest thing Meredith has ever done. And, yes, I’m counting giving the dog to McDreamy and his wife. But it’s also the least annoying thing she’s ever done. It was actually selfless, an always-welcome trait to see in the usually self-absorbed Dr. Grey.

The climactic montage to this whole breathless drama, set ironically to Anna Nalick’s ”Breathe,” was stunning. I thought I had overdosed on the TV montage, which I like to refer to as the ”J.J. Abrams syndrome,” but this one totally got me. It had seemed as if the head bomb-squad guy (Kyle Chandler) was going to become a recurring love interest for Meredith. But seeing as the poor guy was blown to pieces while carrying away the bazooka charge, it appears that won’t be happening.

Luckily, we still have a very live love interest for Meredith with good old Dr. McDreamy. His visit to Meredith’s house after their beyond-dramatic workday was soooo touching and sweet. (”I’m glad you didn’t die today.”) Meredith and McDreamy are definitely one of those couples who are more fun to keep apart than to put together. Are you hearing me, Shonda Rhimes? I did get you a round of applause, after all.

I must also say that I loved the dialogue between Meredith and Cristina during this entire episode. For the first time, I truly believed the two were close friends. And ending the episode with a fully clothed shower scene between the three girls was a nice touch after starting last week’s episode with that broad and rather un-Grey’s lesbian fantasy sequence

Just so I can admit once again what a crybaby I am, George’s pep talk to Bailey (Chandra Wilson) cued the waterworks in little Timmy. When George hopped into her hospital bed and said, ”Let’s have this baby,” my love for T.R. Knight grew even stronger, if that’s possible. Can this boy get an Emmy nomination, please? Plus, how great is it that Bailey’s little boy has the middle name George? Again, my eye sockets had a sudden influx of fluid. While I’m on the subject, I’d also like to Emmy campaign for Chandra Wilson. I gotta spread the love. Sandra Oh is fantastic, but she shouldn’t be the only one in the cast getting awards.

This may put me in the minority, but I’m actually starting to feel a little sad for Addison (Kate Walsh). When McDreamy finally emerged from surgery yelling, ”Where is she?” and Addison rushed to him, his eyes said that he was truly searching for Meredith. Before everyone starts jumping down my throat, I will admit she definitely has her flaws. (Infidelity isn’t usually a way to endear yourself to others.) I just think there’s something admirably professional about her. She acts like a real doctor. For example, she doesn’t have sex in the linen closet. (Hi, Alex and Izzie!)

The only slightly disappointing aspect of the episode was the resolution with Hannah. I guess I assumed that with an actress of Christina Ricci’s stature taking her on, the character would have more complexity. Oh well. You can’t win ’em all. At least she had bangs.

What do you think? Were you surprised by the fate of Kyle Chandler’s character? Were you moved by Meredith and McDreamy’s interaction at the end? And should Alex and Izzie get a room?

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