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May 16, 2014 AT 03:16 AM EDT

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So that’s it. Cristina Yang has left Seattle for good, and I haven’t quite wrapped my head around how I feel. In a way, I loved how they sent her off. It was to-the-point, she and Meredith danced it out, and it wasn’t made into too big a deal because it’s not as if she died. Then again, if this is the last we’re going to see of her, I felt it should’ve been more central to the episode, right? Did we need this bombing-turned-accident? I’m not so sure. But before I try and work out all my many feels, let’s get to recapping one last time in season 10.

The day began like any other. Cristina needed to run to the mall, Derek was passing around D.C. brochures, and Alex was looking to buy a fancy car — or as Arizona put it, a “road penis” — with all his new money. Oh, and Bubble Boy was healthy! Too bad the foundation was cutting funding and Bailey’s genome lab was going to be shut down. OK, so maybe it wasn’t just like another other day. Unless you’re Leah, who was sitting on her couch eating. I’m going to be honest with you all: When they said that about Leah, I had a good hard look at myself, because right then, I was the girl sitting on her couch eating. (But at least I’m not as annoying?)

At the hospital, Amelia had found her nickname. It didn’t have a “Mc,” but it was catchy: Shepherdess. Then, April told Hunt that she was pregnant, a happy announcement that was interrupted by some not-so-happy news. There was an explosion at the mall. Owen and April immediately went into crisis mode, and I couldn’t help but think that these poor people are way too good at this. This place will always be Seattle Grace-Mercy Death, won’t it?

With all hands on deck, the hospital turned into a zoo filled with decontamination zones, and thankfully, one Cristina Yang. She hadn’t had time to get to the mall, so instead, she came in to lend a hand. As did Leah, who was suddenly up off the couch and doing better than I was. (Suddenly I was judging myself again.)

Meredith immediately confronted Cristina about why she was at the hospital, but as Cristina put it, “They blew up Seattle, Mer. I can’t leave.” Meredith, on the other hand, was planning to. She and Derek were signing papers on a townhouse in D.C. — a fact that made me literally “boo” my TV screen. And Cristina was on my side. D.C. sucks, and Cristina gave Mer an awkward hug to prove it.

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