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February 13, 2009 AT 05:00 PM EST

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It’s official: Addison Montgomery makes Grey’s Anatomy a better show. We can curse this Grey’s/Private Practice crossover for forcing us to watch Practice, or we can celebrate the fact that it brought Kate Walsh back to Seattle Grace. I choose B, as I am a glass-half-Addison kind of girl. (Addison half full? Ugh, I want there to be a pun there that just isn’t.) Point being, this little promotional stunt (with Addy bringing her dying brother to possibly be saved by Derek) has proven a golden maxim of television: You never know what makes shows great, and messing with any of a great thing’s variables is riskier than it looks. Take Addison — a character that transcended her once-secondary status — away from Grey’s, and it changes. Put her on a different show with different characters, and she diminishes, too. Upshot: Can we all just stop watching Practice so it fails and Addy can hightail it back north? Thanks.

The revival of our beloved live-but-departed-to-LA character even made that Denny ghost incident feel far in the past — you know, something we lightly joke about and move on. Like, Izzie was making little construction paper props to use in a ”game” to make the interns excited about medicine again, and Alex asked, ”Is this some kind of dead boyfriend art therapy?” See, that’s funny now. And on the not-funny-because-it’s-true side of things, he added, ”The interns are losers.” Now, this brings up a more serious issue even Addison can’t fix. Namely, that this hospital officially sucks. I know we talked about this last week. I know it’s been addressed with this ”No. 12” crisis this season. But I’m starting to think they’re damn lucky to get 12. I’m thinking more like 312. I’m thinking this is a place where the interns more than likely mixed up Izzie’s test results with those of that dying lady in the clinic last week — not good. It’s a place where the interns need scavenger hunts to learn medicine — not as bad as not telling someone they’re dying, but not comforting.

It’s a place where apparently everyone eventually gets the chance to operate on someone incredibly close to them. I’m sorry, but if I have parasites in my brain — like Addison’s brother did — I’m not sure I want my sister’s ex operating on it. That might be because my sister’s ex is a computer science student in the Chicago suburbs, but it seems like a questionable idea even if he were a renowned brain surgeon. Surely these people know other renowned brain surgeons. Aren’t there networking conferences for this kind of thing? Anyway, Derek was doing the surgery despite my qualms, and despite the fact that he still had the pregnant woman with the aneurism to operate on. But oh, wait, what was that next? Was that Dr. Hunt running into the father of a woman to whom he used to be engaged? Was this man now a patient who happened to be keeping his cancer secret from said daughter, who happened to be there at the hospital with him? Does anybody working at this hospital not have any previous romantic relations skulking around? Was anybody watching a little bit excited to see Bernard from Lost was playing the dad? Now that’s a crossover I’d like to see.

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