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October 24, 2008 AT 04:00 PM EDT

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recap: Twelve is enough

I wish I could be all Grey’s Anatomy-voice-over-like and come up with a stretched metaphor to explain why I’m giving you my commentary liveblog style, but…Oh, wait, I got it! See, lives were saved — and, in fact, nobody even died! — so think of this as a celebration of lives…life…whatever. Honestly, I just had a lot of minute-by-minute thoughts on this episode, which was rife with kidney transplants, intern trading, and cunnilingus discussions (something there are far too few of in mainstream popular culture). Apologies if the minute-by-minute is slightly off; I did my best, but please do not synchronize your DVR viewing to this account. Here goes:

9:01 In voice-over Meredith says, “We like to think we’re independent, loners, mavericks….” And now I hate that I’m thinking about Sarah Palin. I hate even more that I’m thinking about her instead of McCain. Even more still that it’s during Callie and Hahn’s lesbian date scene. And even more still that now I’m imagining ABC calling her in for a guest spot — she is quite the little ratings-getter. Ah, no worries, they’d probably send her to Private Practice first, since they need a lot more help.

9:03 The Annals of American Neurosurgery put a big picture of Derek on the cover? With his hair covered by his surgical cap? Do they know nothing about selling magazines? And here we go, they dubbed his and Meredith’s clinical trial from last year “the Shepherd Method.” No Grey. Excellent. A new thing for them to fight about.

9:04 Sloan, looking at the cover shot: “Do you think they airbrushed this? The man does not have one damn pore.” I wouldn’t buy a dude obsessing over pores, except that he is a plastic surgeon. Fine. They win.

9:05 Callie, to Sloan, on her date: “I choked. I couldn’t go down there.” See, now this is interesting, and exactly what I’ve been wondering about with the whole insta-lesbian concept. Sure, you can be really into a girl, and even think she’s hot. But can you be falling so in love with her that you can handle… that? Anyway, Sloan is having none of the girl talk — apparently girl-on-girl is only hot when it’s going porn-style well.

9:07 This just in: I like Meredith’s side braid.

9:08 So it turns out the big medical story of the night is “paired matching kidney donation,” a.k.a. something about dominoes. The point is that a bunch of people get together and swap kidneys so the sick people get healthy. I like that Grey’s is doing this: Please donate your organs. It’s nice and good and helps save people. Thank you.

9:11 Hey, is that kidney patient the cute guy from Adventures in Babysitting and Father of the Bride? Yes, George Newbern! And that other kidney patient is Carl Lumbly — Dixon from Alias!

9:13 Apparently it’s cool to get a kidney in a jar as a souvenir of surgery, but, as Bailey says, and I must agree, “Diseased kidneys are not tchotchkes for your coffee table.”

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