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October 03, 2014 AT 02:09 AM EDT

Maggie Pierce likes puzzles the way that Meredith Grey likes tequila. She can’t put it down until it’s finished. But unlike Meredith, Maggie didn’t grow up with Ellis and Thatcher as “role models,” and she more than likely never slept her way through Europe. It’s also incredibly unlikely that she even knows what being “dark and twist” looks like, and we can all but guarantee she’s never had to deal with meeting a half-sister before. But she’s in Seattle now, as the head of cardio at Grey Sloan Memorial. And this week, we got a look at the world through her eyes.

Coming into the second week without Cristina Yang, Grey’s was smart to focus all of its attention on the newcomer. With most other main characters only making occasional cameos, it made it more difficult to feel Yang’s absence. And by showing Maggie’s side of the story, it made her more relatable. It was a win-win.

Starting with Maggie’s voiceover, we learn that Maggie has a thing for puzzles of all kinds, specifically crosswords. And unlike Meredith, she talks to her parents on what appears to be a daily basis. Then again, like Meredith, it sounds like Maggie’s father is much more prone to tears than their mother. But enough with the comparisons. After all, this episode is about how Maggie is her own, very likable person.

After avoiding Meredith at the elevator, Maggie meets up with Willis. Sorry, Milton. Put it together and what do you get? Wilson, who is Maggie’s resident for the day. Together, they make the rounds through three patients of the week: A mother in danger of dying during childbirth, a man trying to pass a very large kidney stone, and an elderly woman whose daughter refuses to let her die despite her pleas.

Along the way, Maggie teaches Jo a handful of things, the most important of which being that pretty and/or nice girls sometimes need to “bring the thunder.” In other words, they need to channel their inner Bailey from time to time so that other people know to take them seriously. And as Maggie learns when she finally meets Bailey, that rule doesn’t apply to the Nazi. As Jo puts it, “Bailey is the thunder.” Speaking of Bailey, Maggie hears about the temporarily closed genome lab and becomes an instant supporter, even accidentally blabbing about how stupid the board is to Avery. Oh yeah, Maggie’s really good at putting her foot in her mouth, but Bailey loves her for it.

Alex, on the other hand, hates Maggie’s big mouth. After Jo lets it slip that Alex might get a spot on the board (and fails to mention that it’s a secret), Maggie brings it up in front of Alex’s current boss. As a result, Alex is fired from the private practice, and Jo is fired from Maggie’s service. Like Meredith, Maggie doesn’t like people she can’t trust. (Let’s face it: The comparisons are never going to end.)

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