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January 14, 2011 at 01:40 PM EST

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Tonight’s theme? Inappropriate relationships. Kind-of amazing that it took them seven seasons to address that, isn’t it? In any case, let’s look at the major developments in the vast number of inappropriate relationships among our favorite lusty TV docs:

Derek & Meredith

Remember, they used to be so totally inappropriate! So inappropriate she lost her black panties on the floor when they had sex in one of the hospital rooms and then it was this whole big deal! Ah, how far we’ve come. Now she’s appropriately desperate to appropriately have his in-wedlock baby, and she’s freaking out that it’s not happening immediately. (Sweetheart, you’re in your, ahem, late 30s. What did you expect? You’re a doctor. You should know these things.) As she whined that her pregnancy test came back negative that morning, Cristina’s advice was succinct: “Pee on a bunch of sticks. Don’t let the one stick win.” Clearly no one here is in obstetrics, that’s for sure.

The exchange that made me look forward to the concept of Meredith as a mom? Cristina: “You think peeing is exhausting? Wait until you have a mewling, poo-covered baby hanging off your boobs 24/7.” Meredith: “Why is my baby gonna be poo-covered?”

Alex & Ashleigh from Greek

Today, in addition to discussing the inappropriateness of relationships, we will also be referring to a lot of guest stars by the characters they have played in the past that we love so dearly we cannot let go of them. First up is Ashleigh from Greek, played by the stunning Amber Stevens (an EW office crush who we’d cast in anything if we ruled the pop culture world) — seen here as one of the naïve med students visiting the hospital on a bit of a field trip for the day. She got paired off with Karev, who crushed on her as much as EW does. She clearly reciprocated. “You were that guy on Seattle Med, right?” she asked. (Love the throwback to the documentary episode.) “The one who made a trachea from scratch? … Badass. I’m really interested in regenerative medicine.” He, of course, was more than happy to teach her everything he could. And as it turned out, this was auspicious for the lately-suffering Alex on two levels: Not only did it give him an edge in the race for chief resident — the rest of the residents were snotty to their med-student charges, and the Chief was watching them closely — but Ashleigh from Greek also ended up pantsless in his apartment later. That, friends, is the definition of a win-win.

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