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Grey's Anatomy recap: Take a Vow

Bailey (finally) ties the knot, but tragedy strikes as Adele Webber's fate comes into focus for the doctors of Seattle Grace

Loretta Devine

R.I.P. On Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) wedding day, the Alzheimer's-riddled Adele Webber (Loretta Devine) made it through a precarious surgery but died suddenly soon after.

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Grey's Anatomy

Season 9, Ep. 10 | Aired Jan 10

There were two big surprises in last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, oddly titled “Things We Said Today.” The first, of course, was a happy surprise: Bailey actually tied the knot with Ben, after we watched her (a little too easily) run from the altar to help Webber with his ailing wife Adele in the last new episode back in December. The other surprise had to do with Adele’s fate – and it was far less happy: She died.

I have to be honest: While watching the whole episode go down, I thought that Adele might not make it. Back in that December episode, she’d rolled into Seattle Grace Mercy West coughing up blood, and this week Bailey – eventually aided by Meredith – determined that something was wrong with her heart. She went into surgery, and Bailey and Meredith worked away, eventually hitting the end of the line with what they could do. A scared Webber watched from the gallery and eventually used the intercom to offer a Hail Mary solution that Bailey admitted she didn’t think would work. But a few minutes later: “It’s working, it’s working,” we heard Webber say. Relief! So she was out of the clear. Or so we thought.

And in that moment, the relief couldn’t have been sweeter. There was a moment during the procedure when Bailey had to tell Webber that she didn’t know what else to do – and she looked positively terrified. She looked up into the gallery with eyes that felt like ones I’ve seen on racoons before I’ve tragically run over them on country roads. (Clearly, that’s how she felt in that moment – bravo to Chandra Wilson for conveying that emotion well.) Thankfully for her, though, Webber’s last-ditch suggestion worked, which meant that when Ben (who’d been waiting for Bailey to get to the altar for hours) arrived at the hospital, he could take her away to finally get married.

So Bailey ran off to say her vows, and Webber took a minute to sit with Adele. It didn’t seem like Webber was going to make it to the ceremony, mostly because he needed to tend to Adele. His ailing wife groggily woke up, saw Richard, and said: “Richard, you came. Stay with me.” And that’s what he did, or so we thought. Those, however, turned out to be the last words we heard her say.

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