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January 18, 2013 AT 06:00 AM EST

It was an evening of newsy revelations on last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. And, as usual, Meredith told us just that in her hour-opening voiceover. “The big day is here,” she intoned, in her usual, wiser-than-you way. “The day you’re going to hear the news, the test results. Is the biopsy malignant or benign? Am I gonna live or die? You just want to know. Because then you can move on — whatever that means.” The two big news beats that she’s referencing? The details about the plane crash lawsuit — Seattle Grace may be going down! — and then also, Meredith’s big reveal (to the other doctors at Seattle Grace besides hubby Derek, at least) that she was pregnant.

Let’s start with the continued fallout from the crash. It wasn’t but minutes into the hour that we found out the Seattle Grace doctors who were affected by the crash had won a summary judgement — and they’d be taking home hefty settlements of $15 million (!). “Each,” as were dramatically told by Cristina. Callie — who was affected by the plane crash via wife Arizona but has sort of taken to being one of the survivors of the incident — proposed that they “celebrate” the judgement before backpedaling and corralling everyone (rather begrudgingly) for just a dinner.

The money was, rather obviously, a topic amongst the doctors at Seattle Grace. In the elevators — where everything important happens, of course — benefactors Meredith and Cristina were joking about what they could do with the money. “We could buy five houses with yards as big as football fields,” Cristina proposed. “We could buy the teams to play on the football field,” Meredith offered. To which Yang added: “‘Mo money, ‘mo problems.” And Karev — who wouldn’t be getting a $15 million check — said: “I shoulda been on that plane.” The sentiment certainly makes sense in the wake of so much money being thrown around but I can’t really believe that he would have wanted to be on the plane that killed two and crippled two of his colleagues. But the comment also totally and completely smacks of Karev.

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