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April 26, 2013 AT 05:00 AM EDT

If I’m being honest, I have missed Bailey this season. As much as I have loved her feisty one-liners and her relationship with Ben, this season hasn’t allowed Chandra Wilson the opportunity to show off the true extent of her acting skills — just think back to that scene at the elevators in the season 6 finale. But this week, the tables turned, and the focus was back on the Nazi. Was Bailey at fault for the death of both of her patients? Did she bring an infection into the hospital? Let the investigation begin!

The Bailey-centric episode kicked off with a voiceover by — you guessed it! — Miranda Bailey. “Infections are like sleeping monsters. You can’t see them. You can’t feed them. But you must do everything in your power to contain them, because when the monsters wake up, they’re out of control.” Ominous, right? Well, the voiceover wasn’t nearly as ominous as the fact that Bailey’s hospital access was restricted and every single doctor was being swabbed. Unable to see her patient’s chart and much less her patient, Bailey headed to speak with a CDC representative.

But Bailey wasn’t the only one feeling helpless. The board, led by Meredith, was defending Bailey at every chance they got…. except Jackson. As he put it, it was “five against one.” Yes, Jackson. That’s what happens when you turn your back on Bailey. I’m pretty sure this could all be explained by the fact that Jackson wasn’t an intern for the Nazi back in the day, but I digress. Moving on, other than the countless CDC members swarming the hospitals’ halls, this episode also marked a big moment for Alex and Jo’s relationship (or lack thereof).

When Jo announced that she was thinking about moving in with Jason, Alex was quick to clarify that she had only known him for “two minutes” and that he was a total d-bag. But Alex still wasn’t giving Jo a reason not to move in with Peckwell, if you catch my drift. Instead, Alex decided to try and be nice to the guy, a plan that Cristina quickly made fun of. As she put it, “Whatever, you love her.” Cristina’s plan? “You could punch him and take back your girl!” I never thought that Alex would have to be prompted to punch somebody, but I’m definitely not surprised that Cristina was the one to do the prompting. Hey, do you guys remember when Callie and Izzie almost got in a fist fight in the cafeteria? I love when people on Grey’s throw punches (cough, Derek punching Mark in season 2, cough). Alright, I’ll stop with trip down memory lane.

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