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May 17, 2013 AT 04:36 AM EDT

I’m freaking out. I spent the entire episode predicting which character was going to end the season in peril, and let’s just say that the nature of the episode caused me to change my mind at least four times. And there wasn’t any scenario I liked. The end result? Well, I’ll say that I was able to understand it, but that does not mean I liked it. For one last time in season 9, let’s do this… before my head explodes.

The first glimpse we got of the finale was a slow-motion running sequence. And no, we’re not talking the Baywatch kind. Derek and Cristina ran down the hall of the hospital with looks of sheer panic on their faces as Meredith’s voiceover was as cryptic as ever. Explaining that doctors define a “perfect storm” as a scenario in which everything that could have gone wrong did, she said, “Funny. Never thought it would happen to me.” Cue my first guess in the game of “who might die” — Meredith Grey. But was I right? Well, we’ll have to wait to find out, because it’s time for a time jump!

Five hours earlier…

Cristina and Owen finally said goodbye to Ethan, but that simply forced them to say hello to their own problems. Cristina confronted Owen on his wanting to adopt Ethan, but he assured her that he wanted his life to be with her. It was basically a battle of who knew Owen Hunt better, and both seemed to think they were winning. Before the staring contest could continue, Cristina got paged and the battle was put on hold. Meredith was in labor and needed Cristina there to repeat everything she said to McDreamy in a forceful manner so that he would listen. And it worked, all the way up until the moment when we learned that baby boy Shepherd was coming out face-first. For those of you, like me, who don’t know anything about giving birth, that meant that Meredith had to have a C-section. And she had to have it right then.

But Meredith wasn’t the only one making tough decisions in the middle of the super storm. Bailey scrubbed in for her surgery before backing out and forcing Richard (who was back to his old ways of running things — that man is good in a crisis) to take over. On preparation duty, Callie was busy giving wedding ring advice to April (pin it to your scrub top!) and wondering who had seen Arizona. The answer? Well, Lauren had just recently seen way too much of Arizona if you ask me. And the guilt was already settling in when Arizona was paged to help take care of the babies. Luckily, Alex and Jo were there to help. But how much can you help when the power goes completely out in the hospital? Turns out, not much.

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