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Emily Rome
September 04, 2012 AT 03:00 AM EDT

Wesen can sure be nasty, freaky things at any time, but in the latest episode of Grimm we learned that a disease called Fluvus Pestilentia a.k.a. Yellow Plague can heighten all that – and can turn up a Monroe/Rosalee lovey-dovey moment to the entertainment volume of 11.

Yes, Rosalee is back! After being MIA last week, when her knowledge of Wesen spells might have proved useful in the wake of Juliette’s awakening, she returned in this week’s episode, “Quill.” Still no word on what she thinks of Juliette’s very selective memory loss, but her herb-mixing expertise did save the day.

Monroe and Rosalee finally kissed! And as things often tend to go on genre shows, it was far from a perfect romantic moment. Interrupting the adorable duo’s picnic (and their near-kiss) was a porcupine-like Wesen who is infected with Fluvus Pestilentia, a disease, Nick learns, that makes Wesen uncontrollably violent and covers them with yellow pustules (gross, right?). Of course, Rosalee becomes infected too, but first Monroe mistakes her disease-fueled over-eagerness for naturally occurring love sickness. Way to live up to your Fuchsbauness, Rosalee, you foxy lady. While Rosalee smothers him with kisses, Monroe tells Nick over the phone, “Dude, you gotta be really careful with this stuff because the symptoms will fool you. First they don’t seem to be sick. It’s like the libido kicks in big time. It supposedly makes you kind of love drunk—” and then he realizes. But even under the influence of Fluvus Pestilentia (say that ten times fast), these two are just too cute.

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