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We got major plot progression this week, guys! I’m having a hard time even figuring out what the best moment was because the whole episode was amazing and action-packed. I appreciate episodes like this so much more than watching people get run over and seeing their boneless, deflated meat suits lying around (see: last week’s episode).

In ‘The Taming of the Wu,’ Wu still has no idea what’s happening to him and doesn’t remember the incident in the park that landed him in the hospital. It’s like he blacks out every time he woges. He gets released after the doctor gives him the all-clear (despite his blood pressure and body temperature being totally out of whack). Hank and Nick bring him to his apartment and order him take the day off work to rest. Wu’s still in denial, but something tells me everything is going to come to a head very quickly … probably the title of the episode.

While preparing a ton of meat to eat for lunch, Wu accidentally cuts his hand and watches it turn into a wolfy paw. Realizing he probably shouldn’t ignore all of his bizarre symptoms any longer, he gives Rosalee a call and she tells him to come on over. He probably should have done this weeks ago, but better late than never I suppose.

Outside of his apartment building, there’s a guy sitting in his truck who has been watching Wu. Any human being with eyesight, let alone a cop, would realize they were being watched by this guy. Heading out to his car, Wu plays a little trick on the spy and walks into an alley to see if the dude follows him. He does, and Wu see that it’s Theo — a repeat offender who’s been arrested multiple times by the Portland police. After the two have a not-so-friendly talk, Theo woges and attacks Wu. Next thing we know, Nick and Hank are getting called to the scene to take a look at Theo’s dead body.

While there, Nick and Hank get a call from Rosalee who is worried about Wu never showing up to the Spice Shop. When the guys go to check on Wu, they find him lying passed out on his bed covered in blood. Yes, Wu just became a murderer. They decide to cover up what happened until they can find out more, but can Wu ever get past what he did? Theo was a criminal, but he was a human and Wu is a decent person.

They call on Rosalee and Monroe for help in figuring out what’s going on with Wu. At the Spice Shop, Rosalee has Wu throw back a mix of a magical drink that will knock him out and help him tap into the deepest recesses of his mind. It works, and Wu starts talking in his sleep, recalling step-by-step what happened with Theo. Not only does Wu woge in his memory, but he woges in real time. The group looks on aghast as Monroe records it all in the name of research.

So, what the hell is Wu, exactly? Monroe and Rosalee have no idea. Remember, Wu was scratched by a Lycanthrope, but that usually only affects Blutbads. However, it can act like an infection and have a different effect on people and seems to be triggered by Wu’s emotions. The problem is, Rosalee has absolutely no idea what to do to help Wu because he’s not technically wesen. Hopefully, this doesn’t land Wu in the danger zone. If he kills someone else, could the group be forced to take drastic measures?

As for Theo, Nick confirms with Hadrian’s Wall that he was in fact Black Claw. Why would he be stalking Wu, though? The gang realize that they all need to be on high alert now. For example, Hank is totally being played by Zuri. We find out that she’s working with Black Claw and Hank seemingly has no idea. Surely he thinks it’s odd that she brings Nick up constantly. Is Hank blinded by love or does he suspect that something is up?

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