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Benjamin Wood
December 09, 2011 AT 06:18 AM EST

Oh hey there Grimm fans, fancy seeing you here on a Thursday night.

Since tonight’s rat-centric episode finds us on a special night and time, I thought I’d mark the occasion by writing my recap in Writen? Kitten. If I get sidetracked or start giggling you’ll know why.

“Danse Macabre” started out with a quote from The Pied Piper of Hamelin: “Out they scampered from doors, windows, and gutters, rats of every size, all after the piper.” Once again I’ve got to hand it to Grimm for delving deeper into the stories we all think we know from our childhoods. The tale of the Pied Piper began as a semi-fictional explanation for the mass death of children in Hamelin, Germany during the middle ages. In time it evolved to include the Piper, who was hired by the citizens of Hamelin to rid the town of their rat infestation with his magic flute. When the townsfolk refused to pay him, he turned his magic flute on their children, luring them into a cave from which they were never seen again.

So let’s get started. Somewhere in Grimm‘s neck of the woods, a group of young adults were having a good time at what looked like a cross between a Girl Talk concert and an Energizer commercial. Someone at the party tried to reach their friend, likely wondering where they were, but they weren’t going to make it because they were tied up rehearsing with their string quartet. Their instructor cut them off in the middle of their piece, telling his student that it was a violin, not a saw, that he was playing. After a quip like that, you know that guy is going to die.

And die he did. After walking out to his car he was met by a lot of furry friends. I’m glad to see that NBC spared no expense for the Thursday special. The death by rat was easily the most unpleasant death we’ve seen so far on the show. The next morning a woman arriving at the school found the body, at least what was left of it, and called in Hank and Nick. Nick was at home, enjoying his weekly quota of girlfriend time with some innuendo-filled smoothie-making. “I’m just warming up first,” he said before going to get some ice and realizing the fridge was broken. Totally killed the mood. Before he could really deal with that problem he got the call on rat bait and scooted off to the school.

Hank apparently doesn’t like rats, which is fun in a kind of ironic way. For example, during the autopsy he’s fine looking at the corpse pudding, but show him one dissected rat and he loses his appetite? That’s kind of messed up. The guys found out that the victim, Dr. Brimly, had been rehearsing with the quartet the night before and headed out to question the students. Before they left, however, they noticed some discarded animal cages in the bushes with “Geiger Pest Control” written on them.

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