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Aly Semigran
October 27, 2011 AT 02:00 AM EDT

Perhaps this is just wishful thinking, but the Happy Endings gang could easily work at Entertainment Weekly. Any group of people that make references to Brett Butler, Lady Gaga’s meat dress, Roman Polanski, Carlito’s Way Sean Penn, I Am Sam Senn Penn, St. Elsewhere, and The Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek all within in the span of a half an hour would be welcomed with open arms around these parts. Plus, I really just want Max as a cubicle buddy. Just sayin’.

But, the HE crew was far too busy to join the EW staff this week as they were gearing up for the Monster Mash Pumpkin Bash, a big Halloween party in the city complete with creative costumes, killer buffets, and drag queen contests. Preparations needed to be made. Max, knowing what an important holiday Halloween is, pre-gamed for the main event. In case you forgot, Max’s theories on holidays are as follows:

“Halloween is the Super Bowl of drinking.”

“The Super Bowl is the Halloween of football.”

“Halloween is the Arbor Day of urinating.”

“Arbor Day is the Wimbledon of having sex” (Credit goes to Brad on that gem.)

The currently costume-less Max volunteered to partner up with a now date-less Penny, whose boyfriend-of-the-week Adam (to which Dave rightfully wondered out loud, “Who’s Adam?”) dumped her after she suggested a couple’s costume where she’s a new mom and he’s the newborn baby. Not exactly what Penny needed to get to the end result of her vision board. Nevertheless, Max followed through with his vow (“I wanna be your wing baby”) and he and Penny hit the party as the most bizarre pairing of an adult and an infant an a Baby Bjorn since The Hangover.

Unfortunately, the two hit a snag when they both met potential male suitors. Penny got courted by a gentleman named Rick dressed as Abe Lincoln, while Max met a fellow named AJ (sporting, arguably the night’s best costume, ZZ Top Gun) who admires his skills of building the foundation for an excellent food plate. (Use taquitos as bricks and nacho cheese as the mortar. But don’t bother with lettuce, as that takes up precious space for another Monte Cristo.)

But, splitting up so Penny could distract Honest Abe from Slutty Betsy Ross and Max could attend AJ’s “weird gay turkey party” proved to be a problem when they realized they couldn’t get out of their complicated costume since she was in a one-piece bathing suit and he wasn’t wearing any underwear. There was an even bigger problem when Max (whose tiny baby hand gestures got funnier and funnier as the night wore on) thought that Abe, er, Rick wasn’t good enough for Penny. In fact, Max thinks Penny is “the greatest girl in the world.” I really loved this scene in particular (and not just because Penny had to go to the urinal with Max, where he asked her, to no avail, “to shake or jump up and down or shiver”) but because Happy Endings isn’t an overly sentimental show (one of its strongest points, if you ask me) and it’s nice to give them these occasional sweet, but not saccharine, moments. Especially when you’ve got actors as talented as Adam Palley and Casey Wilson to handle it.

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