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November 06, 2015 AT 04:22 AM EST

Heroes Reborn delivered a pretty big twist tonight: Tommy and Malina are twins and the children of Claire Bennet. Did you see that coming? I certainly didn’t. We’ll have to wait to see how next week’s episode plays out to decide if this works, but it’s definitely an intriguing plot development. 

Tonight’s episode is an okay outing that’s very generous with the answers we’ve been begging for since the season premiere. Were some of them worth the wait? Maybe. Let’s dig into the episode to see how it all played out: 

“June 13 (Part 1)” picks up where last week’s episode left off with Future Hiro and Noah at the summit hours before the bomb goes off. Noah’s convinced they need to stop the explosion, but Hiro isn’t so sure because he doesn’t want to screw with time too much. Stevens, one of Noah’s old Primatech buddies, mistakes him for Past Noah and tells him Claire just arrived through a back entrance and is keeping a low profile. The time interlopers run off to find her.

On the outskirts of Odessa, Angela Petrelli has clandestine meeting with Mohinder Suresh. Angela warns him about Erica’s plan sacrifice everyone to the solar radiation and to silence him from speaking out, but Mohinder doesn’t believe her. The history of deceit between these two people is a long one. Ignoring her warnings, Mohinder heads to the summit, where he’s expected to give a speech. 

Back at the Primatech base, Future Noah and Hiro continue their search for Claire. As they’re looking through one of the many rooms, Past Noah and Erica enter, and the time travelers are forced to hide in a room hidden behind a bookshelf like Harry Potter (thank you, Hiro). They basically overhear Erica reveal she’s a bigot and fire Noah for being too pro-evo. Future Noah tries to save him, but Hiro stops him, because butterflies. That’s when Angela shows up and tells them that Claire has been rushed to the hospital. 

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All the way in Tokyo, Japan, Hachiro Otomo pays Hiro —​ I mean, Mr. Nakamura — a visit to show him all the work he’s been doing on Evernow. On Erica’s orders, Hachiro sends Hiro into the game world because he’s the only one who can take humanity into the future. As he learns after the explosion, Erica definitely lied to him. 

When Mohinder arrives at the summit, Mr. Harris escorts him to a meeting with Erica. True to Angela’s vision, Erica informs him he won’t be giving a speech today. He tries to use his powers to escape, but Harris shoots him with a tranquilizer dart. One of Mr. Harris’ clones drags him to a parking lot and intends to let him die in an explosion caused by a bomb vest he’s wearing. Yes, Mr. Harris’ clones are the ones who blow up the summit. However, Hiro shows up to save Mohinder and fight the clones. Midway through the fight, Hiro realizes that he’ll change the future too much if he stops all of the Mr. Harris clones and flees the scene, leaving Mohinder to possibly die in the explosion. 

Tonight, we finally learn Pruitt Taylor Vince’s characters’ name. It’s Caspar, and he works for Renautas and shares a history with Noah. He visits Noah on Level 5, and their conversation is basically like the Black Widow/Hawkeye one from Avengers in which they keep mentioning Budapest but don’t explain what it is. Anyway, instead of wiping Noah’s memory as he promised Erica he would, Caspar helps him escape from Renautas. 

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