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'Heroes' recap: The nature of things

When the eclipse ends and everyone's abilities return, Nathan finds a mission and Gabriel finds his real nature


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‘Heroes’ recap: The nature of things

Man, what a great episode. I know that some of them have, on occasion, been a little less than awesome, but ”The Eclipse, Part II” totally delivered everything I want out of an episode of Heroes: romance, sweaty Nathan, and Mohinder (who is always sweaty and, therefore, fantastic).

Firstly, the romance. Gabriel and Elle consummated their spark-filled relationship on the splintery floor of that house — the one in which they had the big shoot out with Noah and Claire. Last time we saw Noah, he had Gabriel and Elle in the sights of a big-ass sniper rifle. It was awfully considerate of him to wait until the lovebirds did the deed. (Either Noah really likes to watch or Gabriel is really quick on the draw, if you know what I mean.)

But it was nice to watch Gabriel tend to the wounded Elle throughout the episode, patching her up while they were on the run from Noah (doing his best Terminator impression), protecting her, sacrificing himself for her. I kept thinking that maybe he would turn into the man we saw in the future, the tender father caring for his son. Maybe this was the story of Gabriel’s redemption. Maybe, without the crutch of his powers, Gabriel would learn to see people for who they are, not what they offer.

And then he had to go and slice Elle’s head open. Poor impulse control has hobbled many a great man.

On to sweaty Nathan (and Peter, if he floats your boat) and the Haitian adventure. Pretty handy for Nathan that he knows French, huh? And that the people in the jungle interior of Haiti speak French, and not Haitian Creole, which they most certainly would. But never mind the language barrier: It’s good to see Peter step up and take control of his own fate. As he tells the Haitian: ”I needed to know I can be a hero without my powers.” And a hero he becomes, as he goes all Jack Bauer on Baron Samedi’s men and stalls just long enough for Nathan and the Haitian to get their powers back and get the job done, sweaty hot dude style.

Not that there’s too much to say about Mohinder this episode, other than that he recovered from Flint’s diabolical Zippo-lighter torture to pummel the firestarter to within an inch of his life and finally escaped Arthur’s clutches. Way to man up, Mohinder! Too bad your scales came back before you could have some floor-rolling time with Maya.

Hurray for Hiro!! With an assist from the two comic-booky wise men, Hiro continued his amiably cute quest for knowledge…and…you know…he was totally awesome….yataii!

Okay, I just can’t keep this up any more.

I tried watching this episode as if it was the first one I’d ever seen. I tried reviewing it, as so many of you have requested, like a person who loves, nay, blindly lurves everything that is Heroes. But it’s so damned exhausting, pretending that what for the most part blew…didn’t.

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