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'The Hills' recap: Choices, choices

Despite the presence of a charming Aussie, Audrina is still drawn to bad boy Justin Bobby, and Spencer is still determined to give Heidi's sister the boot

‘The Hills’ recap: Choices, choices

“I haven’t had this happen in a long time,” Audrina said somewhat arrogantly to Lauren in last night’s episode of The Hills. No, she wasn’t referring to answering a question right on Jeopardy!, or to getting an offer for a spread in Playboy. What she meant was that she was once again juggling two guys at once. On one skinny arm, she has Justin Bobby, the brooding bad boy with a penchant for retro hats and philosophical thoughts (which never quite make any sense when they come out of his mouth). On the other skinny arm, she has Corey, an Australian BMX rider with a super cute accent (natch) who has a penchant for tattoos and for being about 500 times better than J. Bobby in every single category. (Most notably: He actually looks at Audrina when she talks.)

Sounds like there should be no competition here then, right? Wrong! This is Audrina we’re talking about. She is a glutton for bad boys, and after four years of going back and fourth with Justin Bobby (yeah, I didn’t think it had been that long. Time to move on, girl. He’s already gone through, what, three haircuts?), she’s still not ready to give up on him. On the other hand, she was obviously ready to show off her, uh, “bad girl” (for lack of a more PC phrase) side to the MTV cameras during two noteworthy events last night.

Following a casual date with Corey at the Woo Lae Oak restaurant in Beverly Hills, where the two admitted they were both in “stress-free” moments in their lives in terms of dating and relationships (if that were the case, then why would I be sitting here typing paragraphs about Audrina’s tortured love life? Actually, don’t answer that), he uttered the token line, “Let’s get out here.” She said, “It’s a perfect night to go swimming,” and then — bam — it was all of a sudden the next morning, and the pair emerged from Audrina’s humble abode. We’re all old enough to do the math on this equation, so why did it feel a tad scandalous for them to have a sleepover so soon? Maybe it’s because the way the episodes are edited is so out of whack sometimes that we never really know the true background of any of these relationships (Lauren did mention that Whitney had been introduced to Corey last Halloween, so that’s at least a decent amount of time for Audrina to have known him). Plus, we never ever get to see boys coming out of Whitney’s, Lo’s, or Lauren’s rooms (yes, I’ll admit it. I, too, am dying to know if Lauren is really dating My Boys cutie Kyle Howard), so Audrina, by default, now kind of looks like the town hussy.

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