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''The Hills'' recap: Lauren makes Brody jealous

Lauren gets her almost boyfriend Brody interested by dating a surfer dude; plus, Spencer resents all the time Heidi spends at work

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”The Hills” recap: Lauren makes Brody jealous

I’m not sure how much attention you all pay to the music during The Hills, but the reason I’m mentioning it is that I must give a shout-out to one particular song in tonight's episode, titled ”The Pressure.” (It played following the Teen Vogue casting.) The song is by Nick Howard, who’s an up-and-coming musician and a friend of mine. You should check out his music. Or don’t, but still relish with me for a few seconds here that Nick’s awesome song played on national TV. Pretty cool!

We started our evening with Lauren, who, while having drinks with Brody, decided to inquire about the type of guys he thinks she should be dating. (Um, isn’t that something you usually don’t discuss with people you’ve previously dated?) In response to Brody’s advice (”He’s gotta be a little bit of a bad boy….”), Lauren giggled, batted her eyelashes, and blushed. But later on, at a Teen Vogue model casting, she threw his words of wisdom right out the window and did exactly what he said not to: go for Mr. Perfect. Enter Gavin, the blond surfer guy, who’s also a model who looks good in pink. Lauren had apparently tried to set Gavin up with Heidi after she’d met him at some previous Teen Vogue shoot at a tennis court. Fortunately, that setup (as we all know) didn’t work out, and Gavin proceeded to get Lauren’s number despite Whitney’s hilarious and entirely premature exclamation while he was still in earshot: ”He was really funny.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a date for Lauren if there weren’t some sort of drama surrounding it. This time the drama took the form of a tall, ‘fro-ed partier who was none too pleased to find out that his little lady was bringing a date to one of his infamous barbecues. Audrina predicted the conflict with their hosts: ”I wonder how Frankie and Brody are going to treat him,” she said to Lauren, ”because you’re like their girl, you know what I mean?” (Though did anyone else hear Lo then mutter, ”Frankie doesn’t care”? Am I sensing some possessiveness here? Maybe some residual feelings left over from their steamy make-out session in Vegas?) At the cookout, Brody grilled — no pun intended — Gavin on just about everything under the sun. (Seriously, he even asked Gavin how his last relationship ended, which I think was a tad inappropriate.) Being the Mr. Perfect that he is, Gavin of course passed Brody’s test with flying colors, which only added fuel to Brody’s anti-Gavin campaign.

Luckily Lauren’s overprotective friends didn’t scare Gavin off, and the two still went on their already planned Friday-night date to a sushi restaurant where the ”Crazy Danny Roll” is a must-have. By the way, are the servers there on speed or something? I don’t think Lauren and Gavin had even closed their menus before their order was placed on the table. From what we saw of their date, I don’t think it went that badly. (After all, this is the guy who can go camping without running water, a trait that would suggest he’s more interesting than a pair of chopsticks. Right?) Lauren, however, thought it was ”a great date with no sparks.” So she naturally called up good ol’ Brody to console her and ”watch a movie.” I used quotes around that phrase only because when Brody asked her what movie she was planning to watch, Lauren replied, ”Does it really matter?” Bow chica bow wow! (Er, or not. We never actually got the shots that MTV would typically tease us with: Brody walking ominously into the apartment and shutting the door. This time all we got were measly pans of the L.A. skyline while a folk version of the song ”I Melt With You” played in the background).

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