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'The Hills' recap: Trying not to make waves

Despite all his talk about having a "hall pass" for the trip to Cabo, Justin Bobby sure seems intent on getting Audrina's attention, while back in the States, Spencer meets Stephanie's boyfriend

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‘The Hills’ recap: Trying not to make waves

Before we get into last night’s super boring episode (boring because there was nothing new for us to chew on — we get it: Spencer craves loyalty, Heidi craves makeup remover, Audrina craves a-holes, and Lauren, well she’s probably craving more screen time since she aint getting a whole lot lately…other than spouting off words of “wisdom” on thankless relationships), can we discuss the special that aired this past weekend, The Hills: The Lost Scenes? If you didn’t happen to catch it, then I’ll bet MTV will air it at least 10 more times this week (it’s MTV after all. They repeat their telecasts practically every hour on the hour), so make sure to watch it because it’s worth it. I learned so much from the one-hour special that I’m beginning to think they should just stop airing new episodes of The Hills and just start airing never-before seen footage from now on — it’s just so juicy.

Take Heidi’s birthday during season 2 for example. We did see Heidi (pre-plastic surgery, natch) and Lauren at the salon getting ready for Heidi’s big night and gossiping about whether or not Heidi was cool with Audrina even coming to her party (remember, this is around the time when Spencer was playing both girls), but what we didn’t see was what Lauren gave Heidi for her birthday: a Chanel tote bag. I don’t know about you guys, but for some reason this made my mouth drop so far down, that I practically needed someone to come pick it up for me. Okay, so Lauren’s always been a rich girl, but seriously who in their early 20’s spends that much (a brand new, authentic Chanel handbag start upwards of $1,000, so I can only imagine how much a larger-sized tote rang up) on your — yup, I’m going to use the phrase — best friend? And for that matter, who, at anytime in their lives, can spend that much on a birthday present (celebrities excluded)? If any of you out there are nodding your heads and thinking, “I can!” then by all means, share your financial secrets in the message board! If you’ll recall, Spencer also gave Heidi a Chanel bag as a present last season, so with this new piece of information in mind, it seems Lauren was stealing Spencer’s thunder long before he even realized it.

Also shown on The Lost Scenes was a double date between Speidi and Brody and Lauren. Yeah, how ‘bout that? They were all actually quite civil toward each other, and I even caught Lauren laughing at a few of Spencer’s lame jokes. True, it felt eerily like an alternate universe (one that I’m sure many of us are happy isn’t a reality), but it was still nice to remember what Heidi was like before she became a fembot. She used to smile, and she used to have an actual personality — it’s disconcerting when you look at her today. (Even Jordan, her ex from the first season, agrees: “Since dating Spencer, Heidi’s whole mentality has changed — everything has changed,” he recently said during an E! interview. “It’s almost indescribable…She’s done a total 180, and I think it’s so sad.”)

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