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''The Hills'' season finale recap: Serial offender

The season finale leaves us mildly curious as to whether Lauren and Lo will lose Audrina as a housemate and whether Spencer will move back in with Heidi

Lauren Conrad, The Hills

”The Hills” season finale recap: Serial offender

Immediate reaction after watching last night’s season finale of The Hills: lame. It’s blunt, I know, but can anyone out there argue with me? Sure, it was nice that the show didn’t end with a typical ridiculous cliff-hanger (you know, like, will Lauren go to Paris or spend the summer with Jason?), but it didn’t wrap everything else up neatly with a bow either.

Take the situation with Audrina, for example. Since she moved into a mini-mansion with Lauren and Lo, her friendship with Lauren has disintegrated faster than you could say Justin Bobby. Last week she poured her little heart out to J. Bob, and his advice was to start looking for a new place. So, last night, she did just that. She started at the Little Toyko Lofts (which, yes, I did look up, and I am kind of annoyed to report back that those lofts can go for up to $1.2 million — really, where in the world does she get her money?), but she was hesitant when she realized how far she would be (literally and figuratively) from her old life. I don’t really see what her big rush to move out of her ”château” is anyway. It’s a pretty ideal situation — she has her own house next to a pool, she’s able to decorate it however she wants, and she knows her neighbors aren’t sketchy voyeurs. Obviously she feels uncomfortable living on the same premises with two girls who constantly leave her out, but there’s no rule saying all roommates have to be best friends (contrary to what Lo says). In fact, I don’t believe best friends should ever live together because of the inevitable inane arguments about things like bills and toilet paper; sometimes roommates are better off just being roommates and nothing more. I know, I know: Lauren and Lo’s gushing during the live after show last night (”It’s like a slumber party every night!”) contradicts what I just said, but you just wait; there will be a fight between them somewhere down the line.

Anyway, back to Audrina. Lauren told Whitney (while the two were — gasp! — actually working at People’s Revolution) that she basically never sees Audrina and she doesn’t know what she did to cause a rift. Ever the perfect confidante, Whitney, of course, knew exactly what the problem was: Because Lauren and Lo are ”like sisters,” maybe Audrina doesn’t want to ”intrude or impose” on them. ”The thing is, the thing that we have in common is that we live together,” Lauren said after Whitney suggested she sit down and talk to Audrina. ”So if you take that out of the equation, I don’t even know how close we would remain.” I was a little surprised by how perceptive this was. Lauren usually handles drama by taking things either too personally or not personally enough. This time, however, she was honest even with the cameras rolling. Amen!

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