Michelle Kung
April 18, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”House”: The banter’s back!

Last night, House and Wilson revealed their true colors: They’re actually BFF preteen girls. Between their attempts at punking each other, their discussion about the meaning of Xs versus Os as a letter sign-off, and the former’s episode-spanning Ellen Pompeo imitation (”Seriously?!”), the two completely fell back into their old banter-y dynamic, and Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard looked like they were having a blast. Wilson is most entertaining when he’s not on his moral high horse, lecturing House for the umpteenth time and hoping for a behavior shift that’s never going to come, and RSL got to show off a little bit of physical comedy with his jackrabbit scamper away from a confused Cuddy after House tricked him into thinking she liked him (hello, junior high!). In an episode full of zingers and fan-bait innuendos (”Just go in there and be straight.”/”I don’t even know what that is!”), my favorite moment was when Wilson and House simply exchanged their good nights, reinforcing their underlying friendship in a sweet and subtle fashion.

Also acting like bickering teens were the newly separated Chase and Cameron, who ended up discussing their feelings and stuff underneath a bed, albeit while searching the home of the patient of the week, a prematurely aging little girl. After Cameron delivered a fantastic oh-snap comment to her former paramour (”It might cause you to profess your love for me. Oh, wait, you already did that, and it caused me to end our relationship”), she surprisingly mellowed out, grew up, and apologized to Chase for hurting his feelings. She even momentarily reconsidered his romantic overtures after he gave her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers at the end of the episode, and when she did let him down, it was ever so gently. She was also surprisingly tender with the young POTW, before reverting back to her typically annoying self to play the dead husband card with the patient’s father.

Chase, on the other hand, has grown by leaps and bounds these past couple of episodes. He rightly went home and refused to run pointless tests all night because he knew House would just call him and his fellow ducklings idiots the next day — thus working smart, not hard — plus, he’s improved his diagnosing skills, and he even opened up to Foreman about his woman woes. After getting on my bad list for tattling and generally acting overly cocky during the past two seasons, the Aussie doc is really growing on me as a full-blown character.

And finally, of course, buried within the ‘ship-heavy episode: the patient. Although I’m not sure if I feel worse for the 6-year-old or for her dad, who was not only fairly recently widowed, but was also forced to realize that his need to get it on was the reason he almost lost both of his kids to a testosterone overdose. Though the case didn’t particularly intrigue me, it did provide the so-wrong-it’s-right moment of House charging into a day care and asking a little girl, ”Do you have hair on your special place?” I simply can’t imagine any actor other than Hugh Laurie pulling off that line. Seriously!

But what did you think of the episode? Is the show becoming too relationship-focused? Are the writers priming the audience for a House-Cuddy hookup for the season finale? And are Chase and Cameron really through?

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