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'House' recap: Like father, like son

House and Wilson go on a road trip to the cranky doc's father's funeral and find their way back to each other

Hugh Laurie, House

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‘House’ recap: Like father, like son

Finally, my favorite doctor-doctor couple got back together in what would have been a very special Father’s Day episode of House. It was thoroughly fulfilling to witness House and Wilson shouting acute psychoanalyses at one another during the funeral service for House’s old man (oh, hey there, Dr. Freud) because the make up scene was awesome. Watching the two of them at the diner, working through a differential to help save the patient, and later sharing a brief moment of real emotion in House’s office, was so satisfying that someone (who isn’t me) could probably have used a smoke.

Yes, before that Wilson tossed a bottle of booze out a stained glass window in a private viewing room at the funeral home, while a dead old lady was not resting in peace in a casket just a few feet from the fight. This was after House yelled at Wilson, “You’re scared to death of losing anyone that matters, so you dump the person who matters the most to you.”

Sniff, so true! I, too, was ready to ditch the show I love if my favorite witty repartee duelers didn’t patch up their wounds and return to battling one another. Their blowups actually end up blasting mental roadblocks out of the way so that emotional health is even a possibility for either of them. I can’t really think of another show (mostly because I am exhausted) where the characters bruise one another with accusations of psychological weakness so that catharsis is possible in each episode.

When Wilson loudly insisted he had moved on (from House) during the big-baby brawl, he was really admitting to being in denial about with his fear of losing House (who did almost die in the bus crash with Amber). House always rips the old skin off his colleague’s wounds like a burn unit nurse scrubbing off dead tissue to get to the next painful (but eventually healthy) layer of skin (or some such medical simile). The more we learn about the intricacies of their relationship, the more confusing it becomes. Which one needs the other more? Does Wilson even really have a say in whether or not he’s House’s friend? Could House really have intuited Wilson’s pain as he carried around his divorce papers at that medical convention so many years ago, and bailed him out in an act of kindness… or was it really just because he was bored?

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