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October 16, 2015 AT 05:15 AM EDT

This week your regular HTGAWM recapper, Marc Snetiker, is out, so I will be recapping in his absence. I know that Bonnie is no replacement for Annalise, but while Marc is out this week, presumably laying on the ground, tending to a gunshot wound, audibly gasping “HOW ARE THEY GOING TO GET AWAY WITH THIS MURDER?” there is work to be done. Let’s put our asymmetrical pixie cuts together and be the best Bonnies we can be this week.

Nia Lahey’s special favor

It’s four weeks before the stomach shooting, and Annalise is going full Meredith Grey and attempting to nap under water. She’s suddenly interrupted by a phone call from Nate, or at least a phone call from Nate’s phone. Instead, it was Nate’s cancer-ridden wife, Nia, which is the worst kind of interruption when you’re taking a bath nap.

Annalise visits her, and Nia asks what kind of woman can sleep with a dying man’s wife and whether Annalise loves Nate. Annalise can’t answer: maybe because she lacks emotion or maybe because Annalise has a little bit of love for everyone. That’s when Nia goes all in and grabs Annalise’s hand and asks her to kill her.

In reality, she doesn’t need Annalise to do the job. She just needs her to get the pills that will allow her to do it herself. Annalise pretends that she doesn’t have access to that (lies, girl), but Nia begs and tells Annalise that she owes her. And if she doesn’t owe her or Nate, she should do it for herself. Annalise said she’ll try, but she can’t promise anything.

Frank gets her the pills, and when she runs into Nate, she keeps her word to Nia to not say anything about the plan. Annalise makes it back to Nia and tells her that she’s thought about killing herself a lot — even as a child. She explains that if she deserves to live, so does Nia. Nia then says, “I thought you’d do it. You’ve killed before.” It’s dripping with the threat of a setup, but Annalise simply says, “I’m not the woman you think I am.”

Friends don’t let friends kill friends

Annalise gets called in on a new case for a girl named Zoe Mitchell. She seems like a nice girl — a teenager who just likes to hang out with her best friend and a couple other girls who sometimes like to single out the first and stab her 52 times. What keeps her from being a total sweetheart is that Zoe admits to it outright.

Annalise is so distracted by Nia’s request that she struggles in focusing on the case at hand. But the real issue is that Zoe’s friends come up to her and tells her that she’s a slut, which is like… totally not chill to hear from your homicidal besties.

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Laurel, continuing to be the smartest girl in class, steals Zoe’s phone, and shows Frank that Zoe and friends took a video imitating the super casual murder of their friend. Annalise takes the video to Zoe’s mother, as one should always do when someone’s daughter records a fake slaughter. They decide to delete it and any other copies of the video, but it surfaces anyway, and Zoe’s parents are anything but excited about it.

Annalise watches the video over and over, listening to Molly snarl, “Skanks get shanked!” High school seems hella difficult these days, and Annalise picks up on that. She picks at Molly until she starts to cry and blame Zoe, and that’s when Zoe loses her damn mind. She screams, “You were just a stuck-up bitch who was nothing without me. You’re just a basic bitch who should watch her back, because you’re next whore,” which has to be the most aggressive use of “basic bitch” outside of a Ryan Murphy show. Zoe is 100-percent guilty.

The struggle of Saint Connor

Connor isn’t particularly a noble character, but he’s definitely no stranger to struggling with the moral implications of defense law, and by defense law, I mean aiding and abetting in all kinds of murders. As Murder Inc. hops deeper into the case of the week, Connor likens Annalise to a mean girl, which isn’t entirely inaccurate. She’s the Zoe of the group, except they don’t make videos about it, ya know?

When Annalise decides to delete Zoe’s video, Connor cracks and admits that he can’t just stand aside and let a violent murderer go — the next day, the deleted video makes its way to the courtroom. Eventually, it comes to light that Connor was the one who sent the video to the ADA. Annalise takes him to task and reminds him that Sam’s blood is in his car and that Connor is only safe because Annalise keeps him safe. You can mess with a lot of people, pumpkin, but not Annalise. Praying for Connor…for all kinds of reasons, really.

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