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October 28, 2016 AT 06:09 AM EDT

Everyone was having sex and threatening to kill each other in tonight’s revealing episode of How to Get Away with Murder. We’re just two episodes away from finding out who’s under the sheet, and this time, we learned Asher is safe. Let’s unpack the rest of episode 5, aptly titled “Is Somebody Really Dead?”

We pick up where we left off last week, with Michaela in her apartment and her adoptive mother answering Connor’s phone. Michaela tries to call Asher — and as she’s leaving to find him, she tells her mom “not to steal anything.”

Flashback: Three Weeks Earlier

Wes, Laurel, Annalise, and Bonnie are also where we left them last week. Annalise is furious at the news Bonnie went to see Frank. She’s hurt and betrayed, and her callousness towards Bonnie continues for most of the episode. Bonnie tells her (and Laurel and Wes, who are also in the room) that she did it so she could record Frank confessing to the murder of Wallace Mahoney, which she presents to Annalise.

Just then, both Wes and Laurel get calls from Meggy in a panic. She’s at Wes’s apartment, and the cops are there looking for him. Laurel talks Meggy down and tells her to leave, while Annalise tells Wes to stay put in the Keating house until she says otherwise. Well, to be specific, she said “You take another step and I’ll chain you in the basement like Rebecca.”

The next morning, Annalise tells Wes (who’s wearing a great throwback Eagles shirt!) and Bonnie they’re babysitting each other for the day — no one is leaving.

Annalise meets with the board about getting her suspension lifted. She’ll have to do alcohol rehabilitation classes, and it’s stressed to her this is a two-strike system. She can’t be pulling anymore of her shady sh-t in court or otherwise (a.k.a. go easy on the booze and the murdery stuff for now, Annalise; Philadelphia is no longer a free-for-all).

Later that afternoon, Annalise tells the rest of the Keating Five about Mahoney and why the cops are after Wes. Everyone weighs in on the best course of action. At this point, Annalise is convinced the cops are looking for Wes because Frank gave them his name. Laurel doesn’t think so, and she leaves Frank more messages telling him so.

Annalise and Bonnie continue to argue, as Bonnie grovels in hopes of convincing Annalise she wasn’t trying to betray her. Bonnie insists she’s there to help Annalise and will take whatever treatment she wants to dish out — and also tells Annalise she loves her. This seems to soften the professor, at least for a bit.

After their latest law-clinic trial, Bonnie and Annalise return to her home to find Wes has disappeared. They hear on the news that Wallace Mahoney’s son has turned himself into police custody, and there’s an obvious collective panic among all of our characters. But then we learn it was Charles Mahoney (another son of Wallace) who turned himself in because the murder weapon was found in his car…planted there by Frank. As Annalise appears to be in shock, Bonnie tells her “I told you… He just wants to come home.”

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