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November 30, 2015 AT 03:02 AM EST

Remember when I joked in last week’s recap that every single episode of this season of Into The Badlands should start with a killer fight scene because that’s exactly what the show does best? Well, here we are again, with “White Stork Spreads Wings” kicking off with an epic battle, this time between two of the fiercest characters on the show: Quinn and the Widow.

Quinn, along with Sunny and a number of assassins, are storming the Widow’s residence as revenge for the ambush on Ryder. It’s a stunning sequence with great choreography that makes the episode feel immediately urgent and exciting. Because this is only the halfway point of the first season, the showdown doesn’t end in death. Instead, Matilda and the Widow escape through a secret passage when Quinn is overcome with a pain in his head caused by his growing tumor.

The raid is a good excuse for M.K. to find his way into the Widow’s house and steal that book about Azra that he spotted when he was taken in during the previous episode. M.K. steals the book despite Sunny’s instructions to remain outside, but that’s kind of M.K.’s deal; he never, ever does what he’s told.

When Quinn returns to his residence, his wife Lydia is not too happy to see him. She’s had to spend time with his next wife, Jade, and also watch as their son slowly dies. When she confronts him about his lack of interest in their son’s well-being, he responds in a very Quinn kind of way: He has sex with Jade in the next room while Lydia hears the whole thing while sitting beside their dying son.

While there’s an obvious divide between Lydia and Jade, the latter is actually after the best interests of Ryder because, as it turns out, she’s in love with him, not his father. This show is so bonkers, you guys. Anyway, she sees only one option to save Ryder’s life. She goes to visit Veil, the doctor who’s also Sunny’s lover and who also turns out to be a childhood friend of Jade’s. Like I said: bonkers.

Veil agrees, somewhat reluctantly, to help her out. She heads to Quinn’s house and assesses that Ryder’s brain needs to be relieved of pressure, meaning she has to drill a hole into his skull. It’s so gruesome and disgusting, but it works, and while Lydia is mad that Veil is even in the house, she’s at least grateful that her son is alive.

Quinn briefly interacts with Veil after the surgery, telling her, in the most menacing way possible, that he’ll have to find a way to repay her in the future. Then he drops a bit of a bomb: He knows that she and Sunny are together. Quinn leaves it at that though, which is typical. He’d rather hold something over you than immediately act on it.

When Ryder wakes up though, Quinn is ready to get some information. When he learns that a “Doll” named Angelica from the Tick Tock Club was part of the setup, he sends Sunny to investigate. Sunny doesn’t get anywhere though as Angelica fights him off long enough to escape to the balcony and then jump off and kill herself.

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