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April 28, 2015 AT 12:15 AM EDT

When a preggers lady gets into a car accident on TV, it usually triggers a heart-wrenching health scare. On Monday’s episode of Jane The Virgin, our leading lady did get into a fender bender, but the heartbreak that occurred afterward had everything to do with Michael and Jane’s relationship and THANKFULLY, nothing to do with the baby’s health.

Let’s rewind a bit: This episode, Jane faced a major dilemma over her career. Though she’s totally prone to tears on the job (blame it on the pregnancy hormones, okay?), she’s been a fantastic teacher at the Catholic school and as a result, Sister Margaret has offered her a full-time teaching position. Jane should accept, right? After all, she’s studied hard and invested lots of effort in preparing herself for this very moment. That is, until she heads to visit Rogelio on the set of his telenovela, and he delivers some unexpected news: He’d like to make her intern on the writer’s team. Truth be told, Jane never saw this coming and doesn’t even know if she has what it takes to become a telenovela screenwriter. Of course, Rogelio thinks otherwise. “You’re my daughter. Talent courses through your veins.”

So what shall it be: respectable teacher or risqué dramatist? Jane is hesitant to make a decision—as the narrator kindly informs us, our titular heroine has always loathed confrontation—and so she tries to juggle her waitressing job at the hotel, teaching and getting to know some of the telenovela writers (among them? Judy Reyes as a wholly unexpected, but completely delightful guest star) as a temporary intern.

Jane’s juggling some other stuff this episode: namely her mom and Rafael. These two just aren’t getting along; and truth be told, it’s largely because of Xo. Since she knows that Michael is still head over heels for her daughter, she’s not exactly peachy keen on accepting Rafael as Jane’s new beau. Though Jane manages to gather everyone around the table for dinner, it’s hardly a success, and afterward Xo decides to go for the jugular and tell her that Michael still l-o-v-e-s her. You can tell Xo is regretting that decision just as she delivers the news and when Jane presses her for details, she declines to do so. In Jane’s mind, Michael has moved on.

Michael definitely hasn’t moved on, though he is still carrying on with Nadine as though he’s not totally obsessed with his ex. That’s right: these two are canoodling over Chinese food and plotting their next steps in the Sin Rostro case. They don’t actually have much to go on until Rafael—prompted by Rose—decides to start meeting with contractors to learn whether his dad purposely built the underground tunnels attached to the hotel. The first contractor that Rafael meets with insists he had nothing to do with it. He suggests Rafael meet with the project subcontractor and so Rafael—dressed in a sleek leather jacket, because that’s what guys do when they want to be tough, right?—takes him up on the suggestion.

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