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November 15, 2016 AT 05:03 PM EST

The big cliffhanger from last week was Jane announcing to Rafael that she didn’t think Petra was Petra (with good reason — she’s right!), and that’s definitely central here as Jane and Rafael work to uncover the truth. Also at play: Rogelio and Xo pursue their dreams, and Jane and Alba disagree about whether or not they should keep in contact with their estranged family. As always, wardrobe — and in a couple cases, the lack of wardrobe — plays a significant part.

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For weeks, Rogelio has been working toward breaking into the American entertainment industry, so Rafael introduces him to a producer, but that meeting goes terribly. See, Rogelio Googled the person he thought was the person ahead of time, but it turns out he Googled the wrong person, so all the information he has is wrong. The worst of it is when Rogelio starts talking about how horrible the producer’s ex-wife is before finding out that the producer’s wife is… dead. Yikes.

The incident causes the producer to storm out, and Rogelio takes it especially hard because he’s fueled by his competitiveness with Esteban, pictured above. Esteban has an arc on Hawaii Five-0 — and is dressed accordingly with an open, flowing shirt, sensually saying, “Aloha, we need to talk” in a promo — and it’s really getting to Rogelio. Fortunately, the producer gives Rogelio another shot. He gets an audition, and gets the part! The downside is, the gig requires full-frontal nudity, but as he points out to Jane, Michael, and Xo (mostly Jane, because she’s the only one of the three who hasn’t seen him naked), Michael Fassbender did it…

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Rafael pops over to pick up what we later discover to be a teddy bear with a hidden camera from Jane and Michael, which will come into play shortly. One thing leads to another, and Rafael and Michael agree to a gym date. At the gym, Rafael wears a tank that shows off his very ripped muscles (more of that later) and Michael sports a relatively conservative T-shirt. That’s pretty much reflective of their gym personalities: Rafael is a bit of a show-off and flirt, and Michael takes it easier, which has something to do with him being shot not that long ago — but he doesn’t take it easy when it comes to conversation. He just keeps talking and talking, while Rafael is more the silent type. Like, Michael wants to talk about Rafael’s dead mother — who, by the way, might have left a code to a bank account in the Bible by her side when she passed — which is totally inappropriate for the gym. After an awkward goodbye, Michael heads back to grab a sweatshirt he left behind and sees Rafael seemingly flirting with a woman who appears to be married. Later, we find out that woman is actually someone in the business, and Rafael was talking to her to help out Rogelio. Oh, and he also did apparently sleep with her… but he says she isn’t married. Tension ensues.

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Speaking of Rogelio, as the “patriarch” of the family, he felt it was on him to repair Rafael and Michael’s relationship, so he tricks them into going on a car ride with him and Mateo. They continue to fight, but eventually have to come together when they realize Rogelio’s big audition isn’t the next day — no, it’s in 10 minutes. He swerves around, but hits a pothole and has to call a car. Before he leaves, Rafael takes his shirt off to give to Rogelio, whose own is covered in tire grease and thus not appropriate for the audition. Okay, so it’s not so much Rafael’s costume here, but rather the lack thereof. However, this does serve a point in that it furthers Rafael and Michael’s argument. They get so heated that they don’t realize Mateo has slipped away. When they find him, they speak more openly to one another. Michael admits he was bothered by Rafael making moves on Jane when they were engaged, and Rafael defends his gym habits, explaining that he likes to have control over his health since he had cancer. So they aren’t the perfect match, but with a new understanding, maybe there could be a bit of a bromance here?

NEXT: Petra’s back — and in a power dress… 

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