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'Jon & Kate Plus Eight' recap: Life's a beach

Kate and the kids continue their beach vacation, while Jon tends to the kitchen renovation, and the kids innocently note some of the changes in their lives


‘Jon & Kate Plus Eight’ recap: Life’s a beach

Welcome back, Jon and Kate watchers. I don’t know about you, but I found it a little tough to watch last night’s episode without thinking of Kate Gosselin’s latest appearance on The Today Show. My colleague Annie Barrett put it best when she pinpointed just how ironic Kate’s comments about her family were. But, putting that aside (if you could,) the episode picked up right where last week’s episodes left off, with a beach trip and a kitchen renovation. Don’t all get too excited at once!

With Jon at home helping with the installation of the cabinets (he claimed that it was “weird” waking up to an empty house and it was a “different change of pace), Kate and the eight were still down at the North Carolina shore. While last week focused on the obvious paparazzi presence, tonight’s episode (at the beginning, at least) went back to the kids just being kids. Kate treated her brood to bacon, saying they were “thrilled to death” for their once-a-year treat (well, yeah, it’s freakin’ bacon!)

Of course, it wouldn’t be an all-new episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight without mention of the Gosselin’s marital woes. The kids argued at the breakfast table about which one missed their dear old dad more, while Kate acknowledged she “can never make up for” Jon’s absence from here on out. It certainly was a bittersweet moment when Hannah confided to her mother, “I’ll never stop loving you and Daddy.” Sigh.

Back on the beach Collin opted to bring a little levity back when he methodically scooped up ocean water to dump it on his head. The poor, wee lad had sand on his head that he just could not get off, much to his family’s amusement (and, okay, ours a little bit, too). As much as things have changed, and as iffy as I feel about the series these days, it’s cute little things like that that make the show still somewhat worthwhile.

Not to be upstaged by their younger siblings, Mady and Cara upped the ante with some impromptu plays. Mady claimed, “I wanna do commercials” and a little part of me died inside at the idea of seeing these kids thrust even further into the spotlight. Alas, Kate only implied that her girls’ desire for attention was only to be expected, exclaiming, “Are you surprised? Drama!”

Jon, who probably got about seven or eight minutes of screen time total in last night’s episode (it’s doubtful you’ll hear too many complaints about that these days), welcomed back Mady and Cara from the beach so they could finish out their last few days of school. While Mady is typically pretty grating, it was hard not to love the kid a little bit for her horrified reaction to seeing her dad’s pierced ears, shrieking, “What’s in your ears?!” You’re not the only one thinking it, sister.

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