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'Jon & Kate Plus Eight' recap: Milestone makeover?

It's the Gosselins' 100th episode and the culinary live wire that is Emeril Lagasse is even around to spice things up. So why don't things feel all that happy around here?


When tonight?s guest star/TV tie-in Emeril Lagasse said that he didn?t know how TLC’s pop culture gang of eight (and their parents) had made it through 100 episodes, an increasingly-subdued Jon replied with a weary, ?I don?t either.? That right there seemed to be the tone for Jon in this benchmark, though not entirely celebratory, 100th episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight.

Before the opening credits even began to roll, we saw Kate…on the couch…alone. Again. She matter-of-factly told us to not ask any questions about said predicament, just that ?it?s called rolling through life.? She wasn?t kidding either. The minuscule moment was the only one on the couch for the entire episode; it?s no secret that Jon and Kate are spending as little time together as possible. Happy 100, gang!

But awkward tension isn?t the only common thing on J&K these days. Not unlike last week?s visit to Ace of Cakes (only this time with Jon) the Gosselins got a visit from another likable food/TV personality in the form of Lagasse. Jon explained that the entire family ran into the ?Bam!? man on an elevator. While I don?t doubt the elevator encounter happened, it?s just ever so convenient that he wanted to make a meal for the family right around the time of their notable episode.

Emeril isn?t at fault here though (the guy is downright delightful and knows what he?s doing on television), he just stepped in at an awfully rough time and no amount of green bean casseroles is going to fix it. Still, he carried on and recruited Jon, Kate, and the kids to help him make the casserole, as well as chili mac, granola, and organic brownies. Emeril asked Kate how handy Jon is in the kitchen, and Kate snapped back with her ever-so-friendly demeanor, ?Not so much.?

As if on cue for some much needed comic and cuteness relief, the wee Gosselins arrived in the kitchen to help with food preparation. Emeril (or ?Emrow? as the peanut gallery pronounced it) gave the kids beans to snap before telling us at home that we should cook ?healthy and economical? meals. Sound advice. Now, when are you going to say ?Bam!??

Before the commercial break, the producers opted to throw in some very, very brief moments from the past hundred episodes. It happened a few more times before the show?s end and the closing out with a montage. Yes, some of the moments were in fact very cute; it just felt sort of sad given the family?s current state. Did it make you miss Jon & Kate of years past as much as it made me?

Back in the kitchen, Kate continued to sling barbs at Jon. She mockingly asked, ?Do you know where the oven is?? After Jon stuck up for his reheating skills and copping to knowing where the timer is, Kate responded with an unimpressed ?Wow!? And just as we thought we couldn’t possibly take more pity on Jon, they stuck the guy with copious amounts of garlic to peel.

The kids, still seemingly oblivious (lucky!) to what was going on in the kitchen, had their own lunch and did what they?re supposed to do: Play with it! While Joel boasts about his knowledge of strawberries (?They grow in the grass?) the others wear their lunch meat on their face. It looked like a cute imitation of Hannibal Lecter, which is a seemingly impossible feat, but then again, these kids could make just about anything adorable.

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