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''Lost'' recap: The trials of Kate

The mystery man in Kate's flash-forward future turns out to be little Aaron; plus, she reaches an impasse with Sawyer and future Jack, and Locke goes crazier

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Season 4, Ep. 4 | Aired Feb 21

”Lost” recap: The trials of Kate

I usually jot down notes when I watch Lost. It’s pretty necessary when you do a job like this. Take last night’s episode, ”Eggtown.” As John Locke, not-so-benevolent dictator of Old New Otherton, prepared Ben’s breakfast during the opening sequence (two eggs, fruit, a copy of Philip K. Dick’s Valis), I wrote the following:

”Other books on the bookshelf: The Sheltering Sky and something by Arthur C. Clarke.”

”Interesting: Locke is now sleeping in Ben’s (hospital) bed — and here’s Ben mocking the former invalid for being more helpless (‘lost’) than ever.”

”If Locke ran a bed and breakfast, what would he call it?”

But as I reviewed my chicken scratches after the episode was over, I realized that I had accumulated far more questions than observations, ideas, theories, and/or lame jokes. Why didn’t Kate want to bring her son to court? Is she trying to hide him from the world? Why did Jack tell the jury that only eight people survived the crash of Oceanic 815? According to the cover story of the Oceanic 6, who were the two who didn’t make it? Who does Miles really work for? How does Ben know him? What was the significance of Daniel Faraday’s guessing game with the cards? What happened to Frank Lapidus’ helicopter? Why doesn’t Jack want to see Kate’s child? Speaking of said child, how did Aaron (!) become Kate’s kid? What happened to Claire? And most of all: Why was the episode called ”Eggtown”?

It was one of those episodes of Lost where a few big answers came at the price of many, many more questions. If you’re keeping score at home, this is what we can scratch off the Active Mystery List. Island Kate isn’t pregnant. (I have to admit that I kinda forgot that was even a question.) The mystery man that Flash-Forward Kate referenced in the season finale last year was actually a mystery boy, Aaron. We now know — or at least reasonably assume — that Aaron is the fifth member of the Oceanic 6. And we now know what Hurley sounds like when he’s going number two.

”Eggtown” was technically a Kate flash-forward that revealed that the Oceanic 6 are nothing short of super-celebs. (Didn’t Ms. Austin look Hollywood glam? Evie cleans up nicely, doesn’t she?) But it was really all about bargaining and bartering, proposals and ultimatums. Perhaps the best way to recap the plot is by following the deals.

Kate — perhaps truly enticed by Sawyer’s proposal of making the Island their permanent address — asked freaky freighter dude Miles Straum for info about what kind of life waited for her off the Island if she went back. The caustic ghost whisperer agreed to help her — if she could arrange a meeting with Ben. Kate accepted his terms. But to pull it off, she needed to secure Sawyer’s help, which led to some flirtatious banter between the two former Hydra humpers. Transaction status: Completed. Kate busted Miles out of his boathouse cell and into Ben’s basement cell. In exchange, Miles informed her that yep, the freighter folk knew that she was a wanted lass and that a long prison sentence loomed in her future. Miles’ suggestion: She should stay on the Island.

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