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May 09, 2016 AT 12:16 AM EDT

After accepting a two-year fellowship at Oxford, Jareth revealed to Henry during a putt-putt game that he was planning on proposing to Stevie. Henry and Bess agreed that it was too soon, but an engagement can last years, so it was okay. Unfortunately for them, the couple came home, announced they were engaged, and said the wedding would be at City Hall that weekend. Stevie said she was dropping out of college and moving to London with Jareth. Classic Stevie behavior, right? 

And then a miracle happened. Henry went to sit down and talk to Stevie about how all of this was happening too soon, and she said she knew and that she felt pressured to say yes in the crowded restaurant full of people staring at them. My favorite line in that moment was when she said, “I know he’s the forever guy, but she doesn’t want forever to start right now.” The whole conversation showed just how much Stevie has grown up in the past two years. 

She tells Jareth that she doesn’t want to rush into everything and they have their whole lives together. Stevie is finishing school but spending the summer in London with Jareth. I think it was the first time I wasn’t annoyed by Stevie, and I’m glad she’s finally being smart. Plus, Jareth is attractive, smart, and that accent is wonderful. 

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Finally, and I saved the best part of the episode for last because we’ve been waiting for this moment all season: It was basically Madam Secretary’s Jon Snow moment when Dmitri got out of the car and Henry positively ID’ed him. I don’t know about you, but I cried when Dmitri spit at Henry and then hugged him. So many feelings. Also can we talk about how messed up it was when they sent out the wrong guy? My heart actually sunk when it wasn’t Dmitri at first. Thanks for that, Barbara and Lori. 

On top of that, the juxtaposition between the trade and Matt’s commencement speech about great things being done by people you’ve never heard of was brilliant. It really was one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen over the two seasons. 

Looking ahead to season 3, there are so many questions we need answered. Will Bess take the the VP job? Will the entire season revolve around Dalton’s re-election? Will there be backlash to the campaign when the world figures out they released Buckley to Russia? What happens to Dmitri and Talia now? Will Dmitri recover and work for the U.S. government? Will Dalton be running against a Donald Trump type character? 

So many questions, and we have to wait so long to get them. 

Minor Debriefings:

  • Mike B. and Nadine: Are we shipping them? I think in a weird way they would make an awesome couple. Nadine, Mike B., and Gordon could be one happy family. 
  • Blake Line of the Week: To Gordon, the dog: “Who raised you?” 
  • I really want to recognize Matt’s speech. It was so good and that Massachusetts college is lucky to have heard it. He’s an amazing speech writer and I feel like this show does such a great job of recognizing people who are super important to the government that really aren’t in the spotlight. 
  • We learned that Henry proposed to Bess in sky writing! So cheesy, yet so awesome. 
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