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December 04, 2015 AT 11:03 PM EST

Who doesn’t love a love triangle? Answer: Kilgrave. In the opening moments of the seventh episode of Jessica Jones, the psychopath makes sure to remove any possible romantic rival, and sadly that happens to be poor, defenseless baking enthusiast Ruben.

The two briefly met while Kilgrave stalked around Jessica’s office for reasons that remain unknown until the end of the episode, but his mere presence is creepy enough.

Meanwhile, Jessica is busy getting thrown out of a bar, drunk. “I’m a piece of sh–, and sh– stinks,” she tells a very rude homeless man. Instead of sobering up, Jessica decides to run some errands and prove that she’s becoming the very worst version of herself. Hogarth’s wife, Wendy, exits the clinic across the street, and we see what Jessica’s real purpose of the night is. She’s drunk and violent, as we see in the subway when Jessica directly approaches Wendy and grabs her. “Do you know what shame feels like, Wendy?” she asks, holding her over tracks. This is all a part of Jessica “doing anything not to feel it,” but it’s a destructive way of coping. Especially after she accidentally drops Wendy onto the tracks and the train barely misses her.

Malcolm finds Jessica the next day in a manner she used to find him: passed out in the elevator. He’s turned a new leaf, dressed for “Jazzercise.” In reality, he’s running to help beat the addiction. While he can help Jessica, but what he can’t fix is Ruben, who’s dead in her bed after Kilgrave slit his throat. Jessica knows immediately what happened, and it’s too much. “I can’t do this,” she says. It’s the third death she’s connected to in a short period of time, so the cops are out of the question. No, she needs to end it herself, and she has a plan.

She’s going to get herself locked up in supermax. There’s no way that Kilgrave could come after her without his powers being caught on film. Her ticket to the jailhouse is Lester Detective Clemons, the investigator on the Schlottman case who already had some suspicions about her. But she has some things to take care of before heading behind bars.

And if you were wondering whether Trish and Simpson were still having sex, I have some good news for you. They are, and it’s “intense.” Too intense to take calls from Jessica. Anyway, she’s not ready to talk to Jessica yet. Patricia Walker is working on a Kilgrave lead of her own, which will hopefully make up for her perceived failings during the heist. She’s found the psycho’s new security team. The plan is to use them to get to him and then get him into the hermetically sealed room. Simpson sees a simpler option: kill him. But they can’t do that. Killers do that. “I want Kilgrave to live long and alone and despised until he wants to die but can’t.”

Jessica needs a lawyer, but her fetus-seeking friend is a little busy with another case. Hogarth’s schedule opens up, however, once she hears that Wendy is likely to sign the divorce papers. Her new client has a novel question—How do I get locked in supermax by the end of the day?—and the answer isn’t great. It’s going to take something truly heinous.

I know that Robyn just lost her twin brother, but she is absolutely the worst. She catches Malcolm coming out of Jessica’s apartment and just won’t let it go. He wiggles out of the line of questioning by telling her that he was looking for booze and that the reason Ruben has been coming around so often is the he and Jessica are an item. Robyn is (of course) annoyingly furious about the fake revelation, but thanks Malcolm for telling her the truth.

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