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Masters of Sex

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So men need love and encouragement to perform. Gorillas need the same kind of positive reinforcement. Therefore by the transitive property men are really no different than gorillas? Women have known this for years—now Bill Masters knows too. This episode of Masters of Sex, aptly titled “Monkey Business” features probably the weirdest scene between a human and a gorilla on cable television yet. But it wouldn’t be Masters of Sex if things didn’t get weird sometimes.

Dan Logan is still trying to figure Virginia out and she’s not making it any easier. She may be willing to compare having sex with him to seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, but everything else about her she plays really close to the vest. Still Dan is savvy enough to know that Bill is not good enough for Virginia, a fact that’s becoming more and more apparent to Virginia as time goes on. “I like Bill, I’m just not sure I like him for you,” he says. “Guys like Bill are a lot of work. Impressive but combustible as hell.”

Truer words have not been spoken and while Bill and Virginia still seem incredibly compatible professionally, personally things have definitely cooled off. Bill is also more than ready to send Mr. Logan back to New York, since their experiments to find a love potion seem to have failed. Mr. Logan doesn’t seem at all interested in returning. But Bill is distracted anyway. In the pages of Newsweek, movie star Isabella Ricci is crediting Bill and Virginia with saving her marriage, so natch, Newsweek wants to profile the sex duo.

Meanwhile, the writers are back to exploring other characters in the Masters of Sex universe, shedding some much-needed light on the complicated lives being led by scene-stealer Betty and good, loyal Lester. Sarah Silverman is back as Betty’s lover Helen, and Helen desperately wants a baby. Now it may be the early 1960s but that kind of fertilization isn’t okay yet. And Bill for one can’t understand it. “Why would a woman want to pursue single motherhood,” he asks. “Healthy single women don’t need me to inseminate them.”

The mere idea of helping a single woman out is completely foreign to Bill. Yet, this episode we get Bill helping a gorilla get his mojo back and a single man overcome his impotence. Not at all surprising, but even animals get preferential treatment above women.

Keith, the single man, is an old drama friend of Lester’s wife Jane and is desperate for some help. It’s an odd request for Bill and Virginia, since they most often treat couples, but Bill is willing to make an exception once he hears Keith’s emphatic appeal for why he remains single: “Can’t step into the batter’s box without a bat.” And once Jane has agreed to help Keith out, all seems to be okay.

Bill, however, is more resistant to treat Gil the Gorilla, an ape so virile that he sired 21 babies but now wants nothing to do with the other ape in his cage. Turns out his disinterest comes from the loss of his female zoo keeper, a part played with perfect weirdness this episode by none other than Family Guy’s Alex Borstein. On a visit to the woman’s home we learn that she and Gil were very attached, a relationship that lasted for years and seemed to be a lot more emotional then your typical zookeeper/animal relationship (as far as I know). She stroked his ego; she told him he was king. But she was so distraught after she was dismissed that the gorilla-loving woman has just started to get her life back.

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