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November 19, 2014 AT 04:00 AM EST

The Mindy Project

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This episode might be called “Diary of a Mad Indian Woman,” but it’s more like “Diary of a Woman Who’s Crushing Hardcore on Danny.” Rightfully so: Tonight, he wears his now-trademark red glasses, a purple knee-length parka, and spends a good couple minutes racing through the streets of New York. Totally crush-worthy.

Let’s back up: Mindy always spends the night at Danny’s place, so she wants to switch it up for a change—something that’s partly motivated by the fact that Danny kicked her face while they were trying to get comfortable in his bed. (She recovers by wearing a bedazzled eye patch though, so it could have been worse.) He agrees to, but once they get to her place for the night, Mindy gets a call from the hospital. She has to go, and she has to leave Danny all alone in her apartment.

This would be fine, except Danny’s relaxing gets interrupted when he hears a weird noise coming from Mindy’s bedroom. Oh, and there’s also a cat who shows up at the window at one point that doesn’t seem to have a real purpose but is random and amusing nonetheless. Back to the noise: He traces it to her nightstand, only to discover the weird noise was a vibrator that he mistakes for a neck massager… along with Mindy’s diary.

Even the greatest person will feel tempted to crack open someone’s diary, and Danny’s no exception. After some hesitation, he finally digs in. Bad boyfriend move? Yes. But Mindy also only left him with a magazine featuring Prince George on the cover, so he doesn’t have too many options for entertainment.

And what he learns is mostly good. She calls his lips plump, “like boiled hot dogs,” and compares his butt to “two scrumptious empanadas.” She details their first kiss on the plane, how she was so excited she “didn’t even finish watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua after.” So, basically, it’s what you would expect to find in Mindy Lahiri’s diary.

There are some troublesome parts, though: Mindy writes about how Danny never spends the night and how she wants Danny to propose by Christmas, something Danny reads before spilling red wine all over the diary. This is why wine glasses should be replaced with sippy cups.

He’s safe for now though because Mindy is busy teaching at the hospital, a responsibility she’s been handing off to Peter but now has to finally do herself. It’s easy to forget that Mindy—or, well, anyone on this show—is a doctor, but these scenes remind us that, oh, yeah, she’s not just Mindy, she’s Dr. Lahiri. And it’s fun to watch her have her Grey’s Anatomy moment, which entails helping out a shy student speak up and helping the know-it-all simmer down. Her mentoring skills work on the latter, not so much on the former. We can’t all be McDreamy on our first try.

Meanwhile, Danny’s freaking out about Mindy’s diary—and what he read in Mindy’s diary. As he tells his mother later, it’s not right that she wants him to propose by Christmas because “that’s too much pressure on the Lord’s day.” They end up having a tense moment at her place about their whole where-to-spend-the-night situation brought on by Danny’s newfound commitment anxiety, and Mindy ends the conversation by asking Danny if he wants to stay or go. He leaves.

If your heart dropped when this happened, join the club. It felt like this could be the ending to Danny and Mindy, that the show was about to steal their cuteness from us and replace it with a messy break-up. But then Danny knocks and comes right back in, sassy as ever, to join Mindy in bed. Phew.

Best lines

“Oh, you hate steam, but you’ll watch a four-hour documentary of Old Faithful?” —Mindy to Danny

“She’s got the same neck massager as Mom!” —Danny, looking at Mindy’s vibrator

“I can’t believe he called me a sexist. Is it possible he said ‘sexy’?” —Mindy

“She’s agitated and calling it a day work-wise. This is going to happen a lot.” —Peter on Mindy

By the numbers

Mindy’s outfits: 7

Eye patches: 1

Sweaty armpits: 2

False proposals: 1

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