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Will she or won’t she? It’s all I can wonder heading into tonight’s episode. Is Juliette going to leave the baby? (I am no longer asking if we will be getting a less fake, or real baby.) Our week opens with the remarkably unhappy family on Juliette’s jet. She’s been playing those pop-up concerts all over the country and while Avery is happy to see her happy, he certainly takes note as Juliette ignores all mentions of the baby—she even tries to distract him with a little hanky panky in the bathroom.

It’s hard to tell, I admit, as Juliette has always had a short temper, but Glenn is quick to mention just how short is it when she erupts with “Bitch can have five minutes!” after Glenn told her Rayna requested to see Juliette ASAP. I think the show wants me to continue grasping a shred of sympathy for Juliette, but let’s just be clear, it is a very, very thin shred. When Juliette gets to Rayna, Rayna is distracted because news of Deacon has broken. Phones are ringing, everyone is staring, emails are blowing up—Rayna needs to get out.

As you can imagine, Juliette doesn’t take kindly to Rayna’s plight. What doesn’t make sense here is that last week Juliette was crying with Deacon. She gets the level of desperation here—Don’t you Juliette? You do get it, right? Juliette instead lashes out about feeling unsupported by her label and promises she’ll finish her album in two days. This, Juliette, is madness. 

Earlier in the day, Rayna offered an unbelievably well-structured record contract to The Exes. (Have I mentioned how glad I am with this name? So much more numerically correct.) Gunnar and their manager Noel want to take the deal; Scarlett wants to keep hunting. She and Gunnar have been at each other’s throats all day (resisting sexual tension is exhausting).

So the thing is, now we seem to be getting a lot of Teddy—how quickly the tides turn! Dash is explaining to him that he needs to rekindle a relationship Lamar used to have with Senator Stern. The feds have been building a case against him but things started to fall apart following Lamar’s death as the business relationship they had the inside scoop on dried up. I don’t really like the idea of bringing up a web of malpractice we settled seasons ago—I also don’t get why Teddy thinks he can be so forceful and angsty about the feds plans. This is your get out of jail almost-free card, Teddy! He eventually agrees to wear a wire and reach out to the senator.

Teddy does reach out to the senator and it turns out the senator mainly dealt with Aunt Tandy, who Maddie and Daphne happen to be visiting right now. If we were worried about the convoluted and criminal web being raised from Lamar’s grave, it appears we cleared Tandy’s name too soon. I think we have to settle in for the long haul with this story line.

Kevin and Will are back from vacation! I missed you guys!!! But, as their happiness always starts to lose its sheen in the real world, it’s not long before Will is reminding Kevin they are not to be a public couple. Its only slightly longer before Will’s dad shows up after his performance and wants to—wait, what happened with Will’s dad? Well, it turns out Bill left Will (hey, that happens!) by the side of the road at 17, wishing aloud his son had never been born. When he says he was happy to see Will married it becomes obvious what dad’s problem was. Don’t start looking at condos, Kevin, this doesn’t bode well.

NEXT: Everything we thought that didn’t bode well, turns out to have not boded well…

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