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May 14, 2015 AT 05:28 PM EDT

Does anyone else feel like Nashville just sucker-punched them in the gut over and over again? Wednesday night’s finale firmly beat up my emotions, locked them in a safe and sucked them deep to the bottom of the Hudson River. As your regular recapper Madison is off for the night, I get the distinct pleasure and challenge of trying to phrase coherent sentences about how this finale has made me feel. So before I can no longer resist curling up in fetal position and rocking myself into a restless, Deacon-type screwed dream-filled sleep, it’s time to get in one last recap for Season 3.

Let’s just start with the huge cliffhanging elephant in the room. Who flatlined? Is Deacon dead? Considering we’ve all spent years of our lives watching and dissecting every move that might or might not be bringing Deacon and Rayna together, it would be quite the crappy move on the Nashville writers’ parts to pull their happy ending away for good by killing Deacon. Seriously, snarkiness aside, I will legitimately bawl my eyes out if there is a distinct lack of Chip Esten in Season 4. I will protest outside of the ABC building all by my lonesome self. What should (and hopefully will) happen is that Beverly is the one who has flatlined, but real question is: Did she flatline before her operation was successful? Will Deacon’s life be saved by his sister’s final sacrifice? Obviously the show wants us to freak out as much as possible, considering Deacon’s dreams correspond in almost eerily perfect ways at times, because the writers enjoy putting us through overwhelming pain and anxiety, but hopefully that’s all a red herring? I’d love to get your opinions in the comments, folks. Your (usually way better) theories are welcomed with open arms.

In the meantime, the other, less important news: Teddy got arrested (FINALLY), Gunnar and Scarlett sing a great song together and look like they’re about to make out, as usual. Though random thought, where on Earth were Gunnar and Scarlett sitting while playing this song? Because I’m assuming it was supposed to be the hospital roof, but with what looked like chairs and tables all set up, I was genuinely confused that they were on a rooftop cafe. Nice hospital accommodations for sure if that is the case. Anyway, Gunnar and Scarlett’s sexual tension goes flying all over the place, but does that mean that Gunnar chose not to accompany Kylie on her trip to Austin to see Micah? Let’s hope so, because that girl has some serious explaining to do to her parents for abandoning her kid, and she needs to do that all on her own. Oh and Dr. Hot Dork (Caleb’s new and improved nickname) asked Scarlett to move in with him and she said yes, all while he was wearing one of the worst ties I’ve ever seen in my life. It looks like an elementary school drawing gone horribly, terribly wrong.

Before we really delve into the truly depressing moments from the finale, let’s talk about the best. News. Ever. Will is out and proud y’all! I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud or breathed a bigger sigh of relief for a TV character in my life. After seasons of seeing Will hide his true self, it’s a wonderful feeling to see him not only admit he’s gay and say he’s proud of it, but also see that he’s finally found someone for whom he would sacrifice his career. Because Kevin makes him feel like this. “Like I could finally say something I never thought I would.” No, folks, I’m not crying. I just have something in my eye; like a twig, or a branch or something. I actually can’t wait to see how the show handles the new direction of Will’s career now that he’s an out country singer. It would be a nice change of pace to see him succeed with that different direction rather than have his career fall apart. Also who else loved Will’s fierce glare toward his father after his announcement? Priceless.

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