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March 13, 2015 AT 06:36 PM EDT

Early in the season three premiere of Nashville, Rayna makes a comment that pretty much sums up everything about the episode and probably the rest of the season: “I feel a lot of different things.” We do, too, Rayna. We do, too. The country drama is back in full force y’all with some live musical moments no less. No story line was left untold in the episode, though some moments were definitely more eagerly anticipated than others. Let’s jump right into it because everyone basically just wants to know who Rayna chose to be her future lawfully wedded husband, right? Well in true Nashville fashion, the answer is more complicated than meets the eye.

The episode opened with Rayna pondering the question we’ve all been wondering since May: Whose proposal will she accept? The country music star contemplates her decision while staring at her two rings and if it’s off the jewelry alone, Luke’s 7-carat diamond (his lucky number) definitely has the edge.

We then pivot the episode to newlyweds Will and Layla, who are at the Bluebird so Will can take the stage and perform in a televised concert. Layla is certainly not taking the news very well that her husband is gay, which, to be fair, is probably difficult news to comprehend. Meanwhile Juliette is having a nervous breakdown at her home and cutting her hair off. And while Deacon waits outside the Bluebird for his moment to take the stage, Luke pulls up, clocks him in the face, and says “Why can’t you let her be happy?” All Deacon can do is reply “why can’t you?” and smile. This doesn’t really instill hope that Rayna picks Luke over Deacon.


That’s right! Nashville uses a flashback and shows us the morning after Rayna’s two proposal night as she wakes up to Luke saying their relationship is perfect and how he’s so happy they’re going to get married. “I guess timing really is everything,” Luke says to Rayna. Rayna replies with the most weighted answer ever, “I guess it is.”

Juliette storms back into the picture at Avery’s house begging for forgiveness. His answer? “I can’t stand the sight of you.” He leaves and Juliette stays on his couch wallowing until her manager and assistant temporarily snap her out of her almost catatonic funk by getting her ready for an audition to play Patsy Cline in a new biopic. (By the way, can this biopic become a reality?)

Back over at Deacon’s house, Scarlett is packing to leave town and no one can stop her, not even her uncle. Avery shows up looking both drunk and hungover (if that’s even possible) and asks Scarlett if he can hitch a ride out of this godforsaken drama-filled city as well. She’s not opposed to the idea, but she is opposed to Gunnar jumping in her backseat and trying to convince her to stay. He won’t leave the car until she reconsiders, so she kidnaps him. Avery and Gunnar get in a fight in the car over spilling Avery’s secret relationship woes to Scarlett, but Avery later opens up to her when Scarlett’s car dies and they wait on the side of the road for Gunnar to return with help. The unlikely gang finally get the car to a mechanic who fixes the car’s problems but also recognizes Scarlett as “that singer who had a nervous breakdown” and further solidifies in her mind why she needs to leave Nashville.

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