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December 10, 2015 AT 05:23 AM EST

I’m going to warn you right now: if you’re still Team Deacon, you might not like what I have to say about tonight’s events. Fair enough? Alright then, on with the show!

Tonight’s fall finale, “We’ve Got Nothing but Love to Prove,” essentially takes place over a single night in Nashville. Markus is having an album-release show, Deacon is opening the Beverly, Will is writing with Wade, and Avery is, you know, saying nasty things about Juliette.

Let’s start with Markus. After weeks of ego, he’s suddenly freaking out when confronted with the release of his album. He’s worried about people not taking him seriously as a country artist, and when a reporter asks him that very question, it only exacerbates his anxiety. Thankfully, the Queen of Calm and Reason, Rayna Jaymes, is there to give him a pep talk and get him back on board, at least for tonight.

While Rayna is working to get her label to the next level, Luke’s lifestyle brand is potentially getting knocked down a few pegs. The IRS visits him and Gabriella, and they inform Luke that Hoffman has been embezzling money from him for years, so much so that Luke owes the government $40 million in back taxes.

Meanwhile, it’s Avery’s turn in the Nashville rotation of “be upset about everything in your life.” First, he sees that Juliette is getting some Oscar buzz for her film role and gets mad when he sees Cadence “recognize” her on TV. Then, when Emily comes clean about Juliette by saying that it looks like she’s getting real help for her sickness, he lashes out and fires her. Not cool, dude.

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Back at the outdoor show, Rayna gives one final pep talk to Markus as he prepares to perform in front of thousands of people. After a brief introduction from Rayna, he gets on stage and, according to everyone, nails it. I thought his rock voice sounded pretty thin, but hey, what do I know? Cash, Frankie’s daughter — who later connects with Maddie — leans over to tell Deacon that it’s good, so I guess it’s good.

With that show done and done, let’s check in with Gunnar and Scarlett. They’re back from their tour, and while Gunnar is just basking in glow of the whole experience, Scarlett is reluctant to go home and see Caleb. That’s understandable, considering where they left things.

Still, she does go home, and Caleb reveals that he’s been offered a job in Seattle as the head of his own department. The next morning Scarlett tells him that she can’t leave Nashville. He says that he knows, and that since he doesn’t want to leave her, he’ll turn down the job. Scarlett is getting everything she wants…or is she?

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