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September 24, 2015 AT 04:40 PM EDT

Well, it’s been months of waiting to find out if Deacon or Beverly died during their operation in last season’s finale, but thankfully Nashville gets right down to business and lets us know everything is okay. OR NOT! Instead, the show teases out its cliffhanger a little longer, stubbornly refusing to show us who lived and who died for several minutes. Totally unacceptable, Nashville!

Rather than immediately resolve things, the show skips ahead to “One Month Later,” where Juliette is arriving on the red carpet for the premiere of her Patsy Cline movie. She’s excited to be getting a ton of attention, but she also hates that Layla is along for the ride. Whether it’s because she hates Layla, Jeff, or herself is up for debate, but it’s probably a mix of all those things.

Back at the Highway 65 office, Rayna isn’t about to engage with Juliette and her sound bite that says leaving the label was “the best move she ever made.” Rayna has no time for catfights. She just wants to get this whole ordeal over with and let Juliette go. As for Nashville dangling that cliffhanger even longer, Rayna says, “I’ve had to do a lot of letting go lately.”

Thankfully, and say it with me everyone, Deacon is not dead! In fact, he’s alive and well and enjoying time with his family again; you know, when he’s not visiting Beverly in the hospital, who’s in a coma after having an aneurysm during the operation. They’re both alive though, so that’s something to be grateful for.

With so much drama and trauma at the end of last season, the premiere is largely about people checking in with other people to make sure they’re okay. Gunnar calls up Scarlett to make sure she’s doing okay, what with her mom and everything. Plus, they need to start laying down some tracks, so if she can find the time tonight, that’d be great for him.

Clearly Gunnar is hoping to reconnect with Scarlett romantically, but she may not be up for it. She treats his call like business as usual and seems content living with Caleb, even if the most they can muster up in terms of affection is, “I love having you here.” Geez, Dr. Dork is just as dorky as ever.

While we’re catching up with everyone, Avery is back at his parents’ place in Ohio taking care of Cadence and torturing himself by watching Juliette on the red carpet. He sees her talking about her supportive husband and beautiful daughter and it’s just too much for him to handle.

Juliette isn’t exactly handling things well though. She’s drinking and partying all night to the point where she’s sitting on the bathroom floor in the early morning puking. She sees herself in the mirror and, maybe for a moment, decides things need to change. She calls Rayna, who’s just finished buying out her contract, and cries on the phone to her and says she needs help. Before Rayna can get all the details though, Juliette hangs up. Ugh, this girl.

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