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September 28, 2016 AT 12:34 AM EDT

Hot off the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, New Girl is getting political with an episode centered on the upcoming election.

Jess and Cece are very much in favor of Clinton, and they plan to go out and help register new voters. Schmidt is very much opposed to Clinton — and Trump, for that matter — and doesn’t think they’ll be able to get those supporters, so a bet quickly follows.

Far away from politics, Nick grapples with his long-distance relationship and a forthcoming phone-sex date. He’s totally freaked out about it and turns to Winston for help. Needless to say, things get very, very weird, because of “The Winston Bishop Clinic for Satellite Sexual Intercourse,” yeah…

Here are the top 5 “loft”-iest moments from “Hubbedy Bubby.”  

Jess and Cece’s enthusiasm for Clinton. “Let’s get ready to Rodham,” Jess exclaims at the beginning of the episode, backed by “Are You Ready for This.” “Y’all ready for this…election.” (SEE WHAT SHE DID THERE?) Jess and Cece plan to register new voters, which is a particularly big deal for Jess who has embraced and loved democracy since she was young — cue flashback to her as a kid, standing on a lunch table and calling for locally sourced apples to be served in the school cafeteria. Jess then mentions how Schmidt must be voting for Trump. “Not on your life,” he responds, “nor am I voting for that flip-flopping helmet head in a pantsuit. I’m only focused on one election, the election that matters, Paul Ryan 2020.” Clearly, Jess and Cece’s politics vary wildly from Schmidt’s, so naturally a bet ensues…

The bet. Schmidt says he’ll vote for Clinton if Jess and Cece register five new voters; if they don’t, then they have to vote for Winston. “Game on, you Republican minx,” Jess says, confidently. Sounds easy enough, but Jess and Cece aren’t having any luck at the campaign office, led by Mary Ellen (The Office’s Kate Flannery), and things don’t really get much better when they go door to door. Finally, they stumble upon a sorority house. Cece thinks there has to be a bunch of unregistered voters there, and though Jess says she’s terrified of sororities, they make it inside and start partying with the girls to get them to sign up. They’re racking up signatures, but soon realize the names are fake, including but not limited to “Anita Wang,” “Ivana Getsome,” “Melanie Fart,” and my personal favorite, “Oprah’s Friend Gayle.”

Jess, now dubbed “Booze Girl,” responds by standing on a balcony and talking about how hard women fought for the right to vote. She manages to rally the girls’ interest, but she and Cece realize they’re actually Trump supporters. They essentially abandon them — therefore losing the bet — but Cece congratulates Jess on helping the girls find their voice, even if it’s not the voice they were hoping for. That’s also when Cece drops the news that she’s not going to college, mainly because she’d rather get out in the working world. Jess disagrees at first, but eventually comes around.  

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